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Old Apr 17, 2011, 04:07 PM
kyubihanyou kyubihanyou is offline
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So does anyone besides xanadujin know anything about this release? Wave Master doesn't go back that far.

If it has details akin to those of the original Radio DC, then Track 10 would be a major step in the Sonic CD breakdown.

Why? Well, just listen.
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Old Apr 17, 2011, 05:27 PM
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I looked around Wave Master's old Radio DC site a little bit. It doesn't look like they ever published full information about the album on the web, but they played a few tracks from the album on episode 159 (2003-12-22), including one part of the Sonic CD medley. From the shownotes:
  • Jack Frost's Chime 〜sweet ver〜/Tomoko Sasaki
  • Sonic Ambient Mix〜TIDAL TEMPEST "G"mix〜/Masafumi Ogata
  • Chritmas Dragon/Naofumi Hataya
  • DreamsDreams〜sweet mix in hory night〜/Tomoko Sasaki Naofumi Hataya(remix)
  • DreamsDreams〜A Cappela Version〜/Tomoko Sasaki
TIDAL TEMPEST "G"mix is exactly the same as the in-game version, so I guess "'G'mix" just means it's the Good Future version (which it is). The credits aren't perfect: Marlon Saunders isn't credited for the chorus arrangement of DREAMS DREAMS A-Cappella Version. But since there's no arrangement/remixing for TIDAL TEMPEST "G"mix, that should mean Ogata composed it, unless there's something weird going on, like he's only being credited for putting the overall mix together.
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Old Apr 17, 2011, 06:10 PM
kyubihanyou kyubihanyou is offline
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Ogata is definitely referring to composition. Even though ~sweet mix in holy night~ includes separate composer and arranger information, ~sweet ver~ ensures that the listing of only one name doesn't necessarily imply that both roles were done by a single person, as that track would definitely require both jobs to be accounted for (and had it been ~bitter ver~ or ~spicy ver~, Hataya would have to be separately listed.)

Besides, Miracle Blue ~Little Planet~ was arranged by Hataya with clear references to the Good Future versions of Quartz Quadrant (via the chime hit) and Tidal Tempest (via the wind chimes). Ogata arranging Ambient Mix given that example just can't be right. - Tidal Tempest (Good Future) - Miracle Blue ~Little Planet~

Now that I see it like this, I can kind sort of hear the parallels between the Present version and Crying World. It's one of those things you don't see as really obvious unless you get the right mindset, know what I mean? - Tidal Tempest (Present) - Crying World

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