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Old May 26, 2008, 04:37 AM
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Thanks to Vulcan422 for providing changes to the tracklist. I grabbed the Japanese tracklist from here, and made some additional fixes based on that.
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Old Apr 10, 2017, 05:02 PM
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A little bit of stuff from Tate Norio in this interview:

JM: Which of the Samurai Shodown soundtracks that you worked on were your favorites?

NT: I personally like the music from Samurai Shodown 3 the most. Specifically, Basara Kubikiri’s music. I feel that the music fits well with the character’s madness and background color from the stage where the song was used. The first song I wrote for Samurai Shodown was Haohmaru and Ukyo Tachibana’s song. It's actually the same song. The characters were originally the two main characters of the game and they represented sort of the yin and yang of Samurai Shodown. In order to place a spotlight on them and distinguish them from the others, I used the same melody. Haohmaru has the same melody with an aggressive shamisen and drums, but Ukyo’s song, in contrast, is a much more quiet and peaceful arrangement. The music reflects the contrast in their personality.

Another pair that shares the same song using the same concept is Hattori Hanzo and Galford: The Japanese ninja versus the foreign Ninja. Hattori Hanzo’s arrangement sounds very Japanese, but I took the melody and arranged it to sound like a rock ‘n roll song for Galford.
He doesn't specifically say he wrote Basara's theme from Zankuro Musouden, so it's not necessarily safe to assume he did because he might just be bringing it up because he likes it (it might be my favorite SNK song).

As possible evidence of this, he also mentions Hanzo Hattori's and Galford's themes, which he says were written by PAPAYA in the liner notes of this album. Note that he only specifically says that he arranged Galford's theme.
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