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Old Nov 3, 2008, 12:36 PM
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Just happen to run across this artist a few weeks ago after a friend of mine introduced me to his music. His alias is apparently Clean Tears if I'm correct according to his Muzie page S.C.X is a private circle of his own that he puts out his releases on.

I might be able to add a bunch of his albums onto here if I can figure out what the catalog numbers are, because on his site they aren't listed anywhere in the discography section. I could try using the catalog listed on the release that Teioh added and use it as base to start off with. I won't attempt adding anything yet though since I don't want to have any inaccurate albums numbers listed on here. Unless settling with N/A won't be a problem, I just think it looks messy if there's an actual catalog floating around on these releases. In the meantime, you can link his website onto the page for now and whoever has inputs on what we could do about his discography would be gladly appreciated.

Clean Tears' website

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Old May 13, 2013, 06:50 AM
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I've started adding missing albums and catalog numbers for Clean Tears/S.C.X. Sources:

Tora no Ana

(and some other sites/pages)

A few words on catalog numbers. Contrary to basically everyone else, Clean Tears is not using the usual LLLL-#### scheme. Going by his CD listing page, the following scheme seems to be used:

1) CTnn-ORmm for original works
2) CTnn-RWmm for remix albums
3) CTinn-ORmm or CTinn-RWmm for digital-only releases.

My guess is: CT=Clean Tears, OR=original, RW=remix works, i=Internet.

One source of confusion is catalog numbers for Inaka de Shiyou! OST and Revolution. They both were released on the same day and so have sequential catalog numbers. gives CT06-OR03 for Inaka de Shiyou! and CT07-OR04 for Revolution but it seems to be a mistake since a couple of other sources give the opposite numbering, e.g.:

Unfortunately I don't have either of these CDs to check, but Suruga-ya seems to be pretty reliable otherwise so I'm going to go with it.
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