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Old Sep 12, 2012, 07:25 AM
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Default released features thread

This post will be continually edited to log new features added to the site.

-Removed menus and changed navigation (see other thread).
-Fixed: a Javascript error prevented selection of dates for promoting songs.
-Fixed: the usermap sometimes displayed nothing.

-Reduced the compos list on the front page so that old compos are removed from the list after 30 days. The 30 day period begins when the voting ends. Old compos may still be viewed in the "compos" list.

-Resolved an issue where some songs were not playing correctly in the in-browser preview boxes.
-Updated the VGMdb data to the latest version.

-Rewrote the entire "terms of service" page based on feedback received in private messages at Overclocked ReMix. The new terms of service explicitly clarify that users are free to delete works at any time (this was always the case). They also now prohibit re-publication of works on other sites without the artists' consent, except for "classic" works, which are already republished in accordance with other sites' policies. I added the new second clause because my goal is to provide a place where artists' rights are protected first and foremost. In the coming week or so, I'll add a new "allow republication" checkbox that will allow artists to waive this protection if they choose.

-Changed the online player to an HTML5-based player. If HTML5 is not available, it falls back to Flash. This enables the player to work the same on iPhones and other mobile devices where Flash is not available.

-Released albums.

-Resolved a bug where songs with no downloads would display as HTML code, rather than a normal details page
-Continuing work on albums - which are expected to be finished around October 22

-Major change: fixed a longstanding VGMdb issue. The VGMdb, which uses MySQL on the backend, does not allow searches for words shorter than MySQL's default ft_min_word_len variable, which is four characters. Therefore, searching the VGMdb for "final fantasy 7" results in results for all final fantasy soundtracks, ignoring the "7" because it is deemed by MySQL as unimportant.
-This issue has been fixed in Game Remixes by creating five "index" tables that index all the words in the VGMdb. Now, you can find songs by VGMdb information even if the words being searched are fewer than four characters long.
-If the VGMdb administrators want help in resolving this problem with their site, I am available to share this code.
-At the same time, I also indexed synonyms. A search for "final fantasy vii" now returns all results for "final fantasy 7" as well. Looking through the database, you can now see that there are, for example, over 130 remixes of FF6 alone, and 125 Chrono Trigger remixes - about 8% of every remix so far uploaded.

-Added missing indexes to two columns, which results in a 10% performance improvement for some searches
-Fixed: On songs where there have been many downloads or views over an extended period of time, the activity graphs became unreadable because there were too many labels
-Fixed: Songs which contained quotation marks or special characters showed up in Google results with gibberish code; the same occurred with facebook "likes"

-Fixed: Resolved security issues with script injection, where user could enter <plaintext> in a song title or username; not only will these not print now, but usernames now can't contain "<" or ">" characters
-Fixed: The maximum length of a username was not being enforced, and there was no minimum length (now it's 3)
-Fixed: The posting date of compo announcements defaulted to midnight, rather than the current time
-Fixed: The "add/edit compo announcement" page had a corrupt title

-Fixed: For most grids, the error message that was displayed when a user clicked a button when no row was selected referred to the action as "move up" instead of whatever the user was attempting to do
-Fixed: Sorting a toplist by the "position" column caused the grid to fail
-Fixed: Event times when experience points were earned or spent only recorded the date at midnight, rather than the exact time the event occurred
-Fixed: Songs that had been deleted did not appear in toplists, although all actions functioned as if they were there
-Fixed: The "experience points" help page did not actually contain the diagram referred to on the "experience promotions" help page
-Updated several help page graphics that were outdated from several years ago so that they show the latest features
-Corrected the meta "description" tags on 15 help pages so that they appear higher in search engines

-Fixed: Grid columns did not resize correctly; sometimes, only the headers changed size
-Fixed: Duplicate GET parameters sent to the server upon grid refresh (not sure what effect this had, other than wasting bandwidth)
-Fixed: Added meta "description" tags to 14 help pages to score them higher in Google rankings
-Fixed: Corrected the "song charts" and "versioning" help pages with the latest information and replaced 2009 remixSite pictures with annotated images from the new design
-Fixed: Sorting by "influences" in grids was not sorting by game, instead only putting original songs at the end and all remixes in random order

-Fixed: The "reset password" E-Mail now originates from, instead of a random E-Mail address
-Fixed: The error page that is displayed when the wrong E-Mail address is entered for "forgot password" did not have the right formatting, so the text was difficult to read
-Fixed: The contents of the "reset password" E-Mail now refer to the site's correct address, rather than
-Fixed: The "search" buttons on the user list page did not accurately search under many circumstances

-Fixed: Sorting by "review count" on the page listing user profiles resulted in a list that was out of order
-Significantly improved performance time of the user profiles list page
-Fixed: Four songs had somehow become corrupt and would not display influences; added code to cause an error when this happens next time
-Added recurring job to purge database of users who signed up and never logged into their accounts, or who signed up and then never did anything within a day of registering; this job will reduce spam, improve speed of the user list, and improve search engine rankings for legitimate users
-Fixed: Clicking "back" to the users list screen did not return to the same page in the grid

-Fixed: "Search" bar on the "manage experience" screen did not actually search any experience events in the list of experience point gains and losses
-Fixed: "Search" bar on the "manage experience" screen did not actually search the songs that are currently being promoted, no matter what was entered as the search criteria
-Fixed: Users promoting songs were charged their full bid amounts, rather than the minimum successful bid amounts for the day. Now, the minimum successful bid amount is charged, or 0.01 points in the case that there are fewer bids than the number of slots available on the front page
-Fixed: Clicking "Cancel/end promotion" caused all functions on the "manage experience" page to stop working if no row was selected in the table. Now, an error message is displayed instead

-Fixed: rich text editors on all forms, such as the "edit profile" and new song forms, had disappeared due to a bug in the symfony framework

-Fixed: when "classic" songs were played in a playlist, they would be listed with the username of "unclaimed" instead of their real usernames.
-DjtheSdotcom recently pointed out that song views were somewhat higher than expected. Investigation revealed that search spiders and robots were inflating the view totals. The software now filters out a list of 4000 search robots and does not count song views from them. This change will be effective starting today, and past views were not modified. Song downloads are also screened in the same way.,
-Fixed: works in progress are now displayed in the promoted songs list. Previously, if someone had attempted to promote a work in progress to get feedback, it wouldn't have appeared in the list.
-Fixed: clicking "back" after following a link from a grid now loads the data in the grid on the same page with the same search parameters as before you clicked
-Fixed: adding a slash after some urls, like "/remixes/" would be a 404 error instead of redirecting to "/remixes," which is what happens now

-Modified the promotion system. When nobody has bid on songs using their experience points to be placed on the front page, songs will now be chosen at random
-The criteria for randomly chosen songs are: not works in progress, must have been submitted directly by an artist, must not have a status of "VGMdb not selected"
-As before, computation of the songs to be featured occurs at midnight each day (so no changes will be apparent until midnight)
-If anyone bids any amount of experience points, those songs take precedence and no random songs will be chosen

-Added query cache to speed up second and subsequent accesses to all song lists (improves performance by 30%)
-Cached help files as HTML, for almost instantaneous loading
-MP3 files converted from lossless audio now contain metadata tags like artist and title
-Completed speed upgrades: 1.2s load time, 380Kb, Page Speed score of 96%

-Combined 15 images into "inline" data in CSS, reducing number of requests from to 17 (last week was 81)
-Eliminated unnecessary database queries from frontpage
-Added indexes to three tables to prevent table scans
-Homepage size stands at 382Kb, load time 1.5s, Yslow grade of 90%

-Enabled "minify," which reduces the size of Javascript and CSS, shaving 200Kb off page load time
-Deleted unnecessary Javascript and CSS from the JQuery UI, shaving another 100Kb off page load time
-Deleted image comments from some images, reducing number of bytes in some PNGs
-Removed "Like" buttons from front page; benefits were outweighed by the increase in load times for the most important page of the site; these buttons remain on song pages
-Homepage size stands at 421Kb, YSlow grade of 87%, load time 2.05s

-Enabled compression, shaving 400Kb off page load time

-Added "Like" buttons to front page
-Modified titles and descriptions to make pages display higher in search results
-Fixed: some song images failed to generate

-Added "CalculatedLatestVersion" table, which removes the subquery necessary to determine the latest version of a song and improves performance significantly
-Added "Like" buttons to song details pages

-Imported 1600 VGMix songs into the database as "classics"
-Wrote batch import script to import Overclocked Remix songs and the other free music zircon allowed us to add
Now you can embed your songs in forum posts and webpages just like this image! Click the image to find out how!

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