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Old Feb 19, 2019, 07:09 AM
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Default Marketplace-related user interface suggestions

Would any of these be feasible?
  • A more direct way of sending an album to the "Sale List" instead of the current send to "Collections" and then to "Sale List". A bonus would be if I can immediately edit item details (e.g. price and description) right after sending to the Sale List. Ideally, the new process could be something like 1) Find the album on VGMdb, 2) Add to Sale List, 3) Right after sending album to Sale List, a new page or window lets that you specify price, currency and item description.
  • If the above isn't possible, a way to view and edit only the newly added items to the Sale List. The current situation is that, let's say for example, you have 50 albums already on your Sale List and you add another 10. These new 10 unpriced/unedited albums will now be scattered through your Sale List so it takes some time to find them. Perhaps a "Sort By Newly Added" function?
  • A select-all button on the Sale List Management page ( ) so one can easily and quickly remove everything. Useful for those users who have 100+ albums quote For Sale unquote but haven't visited for 1000 days. If they ever decide to come back and do some cleaning.
  • On the same page, a way to bulk edit the currency to a different currency. Or change the default currency pre-Sale List.
  • A new and optional "Item Photo" field that allows buyers to click a link to see a photo of the actual item. The current situation is that the seller has to copy and paste the URL of the image to the "Notes" field, and from the buyer's point of view, this shows as a HTML-less non-clickable link that they also must copy and paste.

Anyway, this is brought up because I recently went and wiped my outdated Sale List so that I can start again and these were the types of issues I faced while I was (and am) rebuilding. I might as well write down my thoughts and maybe these suggestions would also be useful for current and future sellers.

Actually now that I think about it, adding even one single album for sale requires lots of clicking/steps:
  1. Browse for album or have catalogue number handy (not possible for albums lacking catalogues)
  2. Add to collection
  3. View "Collection" page
  4. View "Manage Albums" page
  5. Check All and Add to Sale List
  6. View Sale List
  7. Manage Sale List
  8. Edit Details
  9. And you'd probably want to remove those albums from the "Collection Page"

I'm sure this process can be streamlined somehow.


2019/02/27 Edit

Upon closer inspection of the "Albums for Sale" page, every album has an "Added" date (going as far back as 10 years ago). This should be used to make the item selling process detailed above easier. I would like to also offer another 2 suggestions:

A sort by "TIME" function which seems to be disabled. A good alternative to using RSS and useful if you want to see albums most likely for actual sale.

A sort by "SELLER" function that works a bit differently from the current: i.e. when you sort by seller you should get a list of sellers and the number of albums they are selling in descending order (most albums for sale to least).

These aren't high priority suggestions but I thought I'd just throw it out there.
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