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Old Aug 6, 2009, 02:49 PM
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Default Version 1.0.14 released


I'm proud to announce the release of version 1.0.14 of remixSite. The release just occurred and the changes are live right now.

Thanks to everyone who submitted suggestions for changes here and at The Shizz. The two main changes that were made in this release are the replacement of the upload system, and a significant clarification of the VGMdb influences feature. There were also six additional bugs that were resolved.

Over the past month, it became clear that the previous upload plugin was causing problems for some Internet Explorer users. IE7 users make up 50% of the Internet browsing population. An attempt to resolve the issue then caused problems with Firefox users. Eventually, we decided the best way to resolve the problems was to throw away the way songs were uploaded and to replace it with a new plugin called "swfupload." The new plugin has improved error handling and testers report no problems with a variety of browser configurations. If you had trouble uploading songs in the past, please try again and report anything you might encounter. We are confident this will resolve the upload issue for good, as long as you don't use IE6.

In addition, a number of complaints at The Shizz centered around the VGMdb influences system. Since the system has a lot of potential, provides us with a lot of data, comes from friendly people committed to their mission, and is a core feature of the site, I don't think that its removal is appropriate as some had advised. Instead, the comments led me to believe that many people simply didn't understand what an influence was or how to use the system.

To that end, I made some changes to the influences selection screen so that the workflow is clearer. I also wrote a lengthy description explaining what an influence is and how the data is retrieved at This help page is linked at various parts of the site through question mark links. It provides clear guidelines as to what a song requires for it to be influenced by another.

Since one poster mentioned that it's not always clear what games are associated with an album, I included the games in the influence boxes. I also defaulted the grids to search the "Games" column from the VGMdb data rather than the song title. Finally, there are now four "influence states" of a song, to eliminate confusion. Whereas previously a song not associated with influences was considered an "original work," an artist now must specify whether the influence is not listed in the VBMdb, the song is an original work, or (s)he has not gone through the process of selecting influences (not selected).

Some changes that were requested have yet to be addressed, such as the size of the frontpage logo. You can see the list of outstanding issues at, and add your issue or feature request there if it's not included. Accounts are free.

A list of all the bugs that were resolved in this version is located at This link will expire in 24 hours (on August 8), after which time I'll start resolving new bugs and they will be listed there instead.

Happy uploading,

Now you can embed your songs in forum posts and webpages just like this image! Click the image to find out how!

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