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Old Dec 17, 2015, 07:59 PM
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- Added track times
- Removed game title from track title
- Fixed track titles
: M1 Theme --> Scene (シーン)
: M24 added (Synthesizer Version)
: M34 Theme --> Screen (画面)
: M35 Theme --> Screen
: M39 Main --> Diane's (ディアーネ)
- Added JP track titles from here:

- M1 isn't directly credited to Kenji Ito on this but I think we all know that's ok
- Added CUBE, Culture Brain Sound Team to album info
- Removed Tomoko Hashimoto from Album Info (must have been incorrect identification of Akiko Hashimoto)
- Updated Album titles to match the previous month magazine titles and from the cd/insert/magazine.
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Old Jul 21, 2019, 03:19 AM
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See this thread for general notes about what I'm trying to do with these albums:

01~04: Romancing Sa·Ga 2
Listed composer: Kenji Ito
I love it when full OSTs with credits exist:

05~07: Romancing Sa·Ga
Listed composer: Kenji Ito
Makes my life easier that's for sure:

08~12: Soul&Sword
Listed composer: Hiroshi Nishizawa
These songs are all present on Nishizawa's personal release under slightly different names:

13~15: Final Stretch
Listed composer: Masanao Akahori
"Sound by Opus" -
It's weird that this disc lists a specific composer and the game credits only list Opus the company, as the reverse is usually true: the disc lists only Opus the company and the game lists the specific sound people. That's even the case for the other Opus works on this disc! Anyway, this probably doesn't necessarily prove that Akahori did this whole soundtrack, there could be other people who didn't have their music included here.

15~17: Super Chinese World 2: Uchuu Icihbutou Taikai
Listed composer: Culture Brain Sound Team
"Music: Eiji Miyabi" -
"Eiji Miyabi" is a name that Akinori Sawa occasionally used. Example: music for the N64 game Flying Dragon (飛龍の拳ツイン) was done by Eiji Miyabi (YouTube), and Sawa claimed it on his old works list (

18~20: Run Saber
Listed composer: Hikoshi Hashimoto
"Music: H.Hashimoto" -
This is also in Hashimoto's works list:

Listed composer: DAVID WHITTAKE
"Music and Sound: David Whittaker" -

22~23: Waka Taka Ozumo: Brothers Dream Match
Listed composers: Takane Ohkubo, Takako Ono
"Sound: Takako Ono, Takane Ohkubo" -

24~25: Ardy Lightfoot
Listed composers: Akiko Hashimoto, Katsuhiro Hatano
On the drama/arrange album, track 24 is contained in "Scene: 20" (credited to Hatano by JASRAC) and track 25 is contained in the same-titled "Search for the 7 Pieces" (credited to Hashimoto by JASRAC).

26~28: Yadamon: Wonderland Dreams
Listed composer: Kazuo Sawa
"Music Compose: K.Sawa" -

29~30: Pachislot Love Story
Listed composer: Masahito Miyamoto
"Sound: Masahito Miyamoto, OeRSTED Inc." -
I haven't found credits for this, but Miyamoto is credited in other SNES games by Coconuts Japan so sure, why not The game also credits the company OeRSTED, which has probably composed for other games (Ippatsu Gyakuten: Keiba - Keirin - Kyoutei solo credits them for sound), but all the music here is by Miyamoto I guess.
EDIT (2020-12-01): found the staff roll

31~32: Desert Fighter: Suna no Arashi Sakusen
Listed composer: Opus Studio Inc.
"Sound and Music: J.Enoki" -
This is gonna be Jun Enoki of Opus

33~35: Classic Road
Listed composers: Hayato Matsuo, YMOH.S
"Sound Design: Hayato Matsuo, YMOH.S" -
Hitoshi Sakimoto's works list says he only did manipulation and sound effects for this, no composition despite the album credit:

36~38: Kessen! Dokapon Land IV ~Densetsu no Yuushatachi~
Listed composer: Opus Studio Inc.
Haven't been able to find credits for this

39~41: Monster Maker 3 ~Hikari no Majutsushi~
Listed composer: CUBE
"Title Composer: T's Music; Sound Creator: CUBE; Sound Composer: Aspect / Toshio Murai":
This was also included on TIM-SFC10 and Toshio Murai wasn't credited for any of those songs either.
EDIT (2019-07-21): Miyoko Takaoka wrote music for this, but likely not the whole soundtrack

Last edited by CHz; Dec 1, 2020 at 10:12 PM. Reason: added credits for Pachislot Love Story
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Old Jul 21, 2019, 06:41 PM
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Miyoko Takaoka (via CUBE) was one of the composers for Monster Maker 3.
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Old Jul 21, 2019, 08:15 PM
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Ah right thanks, I knew that lmao

(I'm not linking people to this series of albums unless it's 100% sure that they did write a piece of music on them, which probably isn't the case of her CUBE works here because they likely had other composers given her estimate of 3-10 songs per game)
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Old Jul 25, 2019, 12:41 PM
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Yeah, that's true. However, it should still be noted for posterity. EDIT: Nevermind, I see that this was already done.
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Old Sep 16, 2021, 11:36 PM
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Two of the Run Saber tracks here have the wrong names. The track titled TONG CITY here is actually JODVALLEY and the track titled JADVALLEY is actually GRAY FAC.
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