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Old Apr 22, 2013, 05:22 AM
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Couple of the web samples for this are quite nice.
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Old Aug 5, 2013, 10:04 AM
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Ehm...English tracklist has only 19 tracks on disc 2.

Music is typical Iwashiro (hard to describe what it is, but if you know Shinobi, Red Cliff - you will certainly know that sound)
“The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents.”
― H.P. Lovecraft
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Old Aug 5, 2013, 01:02 PM
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I have that listed as "Wild Dance" 4:03
I'm trying to add this on to the tracklist but I am not able to
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Old Aug 5, 2013, 01:05 PM
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My translator says:
祝祭 = festival
乱舞 = boisterous dance

I'm adding it as "Wild Dance Festival"
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Old Aug 5, 2013, 01:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Argentis View Post
I'm trying to add this on to the tracklist but I am not able to
Nobody can add a track to existing tracklist technically... Only way to correct these things is to delete the tracklist (trusted editors/staff can delete) and submit a new one.

And obviously a function to warn about total track mismatch (vs. other tracklists that are entered earlier) doesn't exist either so a member must carefully check if the tracklist's correct before submitting.

Last edited by Efendija; Aug 5, 2013 at 01:37 PM.
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Old Aug 24, 2013, 07:48 PM
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I have no idea where the translation for 迷宮幻郷ノ図 came from but I cannot find anything or come up with anything even remotely like "of the Wreck" for this word.
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Old Aug 25, 2013, 09:00 AM
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Tracklist for this was translated poorly so I fixed it. There were a lot of just made up words and track titles turned into idioms just for the sake of doing so that were totally inappropriate. I don't claim to be 100% perfect, please discuss if you see issues:

Disc 1

03, mae no mae indicates before, prior to, earlier than. There is nothing here to specify "caution". Could be prior to advancing, prior to the advance, before the advance, etc.
04 Nothing here for the word "crisis". yogore is benevolent, immaculate, etc. tomoni indicates togetherness.
06 Maternal Ocean sounds ridiculous. Translated this to "On Mother Ocean" since I believe it's a reference in the anime to a water covered Earth (think Waterworld). So "Mother Ocean" is a play on words/homage to "Mother Earth". It may be the track/cue used when they discover that it's earth. Haven't seen the anime but from what I gather they don't immediately realize and it's explained later or something.
09 Shukuteki nanteki kyoteki are all just ways to express a powerful enemy, I think. See future corrections but this is just another giant conjugated verb so I'm going to use "Nemesis, Difficult Enemy, Formidable Enemy"
12 reworded it, it's "thinking" not feelings.
14 removed the word "hope", it's not part of the title
15 changed to "Between the Enemy Line and the Threat", there is no verb for "caught" and it specifically references enemy line and threat. If it was just "Between Enemy Lines" it wouldn't have the "脅威と" part.
16 Changed "Reprisal" to "Recovering". They are two completely different verbs.
17 this is another one of those giant conjugated words (like track 9), these are all verbs for "Attack". changed "Assault" to "Attack" and "Pursue" to "Pursuit".
18 another giant conjugated word (like 9, 17), these are all verbs for "Raid" so changing it to "Raid, Invasion, Surprise Attack"
19 I believe the 'yo' here is for emphasis. There is nothing here to indicate 'like' or any verb at all.
20 Another giant conjugated verb (9, 17, 18). Changed "Sorrowful" to "Sorrow" and "Tragedy" to "Tragic"
21 corrected
22 corrected
23 corrected, fuha is "rough seas' (wind + wave) and the verb is dancing/fluttering but those don't really fit with "Rough seas" so I changed it to "Swirling About".
24 another conjugated verb (this time only 2 words), using "Omen, Premonition"
25 removed 'system', it's not anywhere in the track. "Flight" is the right word but it's really "Escape". I can't tell if I should use "Navigation" as the second word or "Sailing" because sailing would still be appropriate given the entire context of the show. Nothing really fits well "Escape Navigation" fits 'best', I guess. ("Escape Sailing", "Sailing Escape"?). I also can't tell if this is a conjugated word like the others
26 i think this is a conjugated word again so using "Utopian Home, Dream Home".
27 i couldn't come up with anything better for this one
28 corrected
29 corrected, not sure how to properly translate this, it's the best I could come up with.

Disc 2 (forgot to save disc 1 before editing)

01 The Fleet Sails 2:23
02 Ideal Weather for Laundry 2:09
03 Everyday Life 2:06
04 Celebrating a Good Catch 2:15
05 Festivity of Visions 1:36
06 Each Other 2:21
07 Closing the Door on the Truth 2:26
08 Mark of Dusk 2:16
09 Labyrinth of the Wreck 2:35
10 Flow 2:13
11 End of the Feast 1:57
12 Transparency of Time 2:33
13 Extract 2:11
14 Zenith of Twilight 2:09
15 Yunagi 2:14
16 Heartfelt Departure (Ocarina Version) 1:48
17 Rippling Grief 2:51
18 The Other Side of Loneliness 2:38
19 Gargantia Forever 2:24
20 Wild Dance Festival 4:03
01 Fleet of Sails (fits theme of sails, oceans, water, blah)
02 Laundry Weather, nothing about perfect day for etc etc
03 Everyday People, nothing about Life
04 Added the '-' to separate whatever that unicode thing is called
05 Festival Dream Dance
06 corrected
07 corrected
08 Changed dawn --> twilight
09 I still don't understand this. I think now after reviewing disc 1 that it's another conjugated word I'm thinking Labyrinth, Picture of a Phantom Home is the best I can do. I can't find anything for "no zu" besides zu being picture/illustration/figure, etc. I did find 'taka no zu', in relation to a lot of jp mapping services and view type things, which I think literally means "picture of a hawk" but figuratively I think it means "Birds-eye View". That's about all I can surmise though
10 burai ryurei --> scoundrel + refined = refined scoundrel? Flowing might actually be correct here given the whole water theme but I have no idea how it fits in with villain/scoundrel
12 corrected
13 No clue what this could be, i put children's scene selection since it flows with the last couple tracks and play/drama words but I have no idea.
14 corrected. Used 'dusk' here instead of twilight, I don't think it's very common to hear "at twilight" in English.
15 corrected
16 matched last track on disc 1
17 Ripples of Sorrow, went with sorrow to match disc 1's sorrow track
18 Added space between "otherside"
19 Added '!' (signified by 'yo')

Last edited by dancey; Aug 25, 2013 at 11:32 AM.
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