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Old Dec 6, 2021, 11:35 AM
nstz nstz is online now
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First attempt at uploading lost my notes here which I'm not willing to retype but long story short is:
-Romaji pulled from CDJapan, minor cosmetic edits made with some cross-reference to the English translation, a Japanese Text-to-speech page to compare phonetics and some amendments to keep spelling accurate to in-game lore references.

-Two tracks (Disc 1 Track 13 & Disc 6 Track 09) I struggled with and couldn't find any resources that helped me settle on any corrections despite not being totally certain the CDJapan listing was the most accurate reading of the text, so I left them as originally listed, I originally wrote a heap of notes on these two to justify the research I put in, but I assume further input (which I would seriously appreciate) from anyone here would forego my research in lieu of existing knowledge.

-Two track titles contain reference to classical pieces. "(Tsuki no Hikari Yori)" has been changed to "(Clair de Lune Yori)" because it makes more sense to me given that the original title clearly is meant to be read as a reference to Clair de Lune which they've translated to Japanese for this tracklist (I've only ever seen it as Clair de Lune in the past so the fact that it wasn't put in French with katakana threw me for a loop which is why I've probably made a dumb decision here), maybe it would have been wiser to leave the parenthesis as "(Tsuki no Hikari Yori)" in the Romaji list and update the English list to "(from Clair de Lune)", so if any purists are upset by this change I welcome any edits, but that's how I've chosen to upload it.
The other, is listed as "(Wakare no Kyoku Yori)", referring to Chopin's '√Čtude Op. 10, No. 3'. As far as my research showed, the track is unofficially known as either "Tristesse" (Sadness) or "Farewell" (L'Adieu), but officially '√Čtude Op. 10, No. 3'. As the Japanese tracklist went with the unofficial title of the piece, I felt it would be too large a discrepancy to change/correct it, so I left it as "Wakare no Kyoku". As a point of comparison, the same piece shows up in the Fullmetal Alchemist (2006) soundtrack, also as "Wakare no Kyoku". Perhaps my decisions across these two tracks was inconsistent, but that's how I've chosen to list them in my own music library as well. Again, more than happy for anyone to edit my submission if they believe I've made the wrong decision here.

Your tracklist submission has been rejected.

Reason: Sorry, but CDJapan is not an acceptable source for romanizations.

If you feel the rejection is in error, please post further information or evidence here.
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