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Old Jul 16, 2010, 04:31 PM
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I rolled back Zhane's submission of these names as artists:
Kouki Uchiyama, Koichi Yamadera, Hiromi Maeda, Shion Akino, Mayumi Suzuki, Kujira, Yuu Shimaka, Takuya Kaihouka
I don't necessarily doubt they should be added, but I don't know what their role is or if all the readings are correct. Please include a source and some more information with artist edits like this.
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Old Jul 21, 2012, 11:21 PM
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First, excuse my english, english is not my native language.
I hope you can understand me.

I was going to ask if...
Anyone knows from who are the vocals in tracks 3~7 from 2nd Disc?
I been doing a little research about it, but I don't know how accurate or reliable is the info I gathered so far.
Reading the previous post (these names mentioned) seems to be not so bad the info I have found.

Those are the names of the voice actors for:
Kouki Uchiyama = Roxas <--- Wrong, must be Miyu Irino = Sora
Yuu Shimaka = Goofy
Koichi Yamadera = Donald, Sebastian & other's character's
Mayumi Suzuki = Ariel
Takuya Kaihouka = Flounder
Kujira = Ursula
Hiromi Maeda = Ariel's Sister#1
Shion Akino = Ariel's Sister#2
Taro Ishida = King Triton <--- Added for A New Day is Dawning track.
They (apparently, if I'm not wrong) are related with that vocal tracks.

Japanese gameplay videos.
Swim This Way, Part of Your World, Under the Sea, Ursula's Revenge & A New Day is Dawning

In these Lyrics in the KH wikia, show who CHARACTER'S sing in what song.
Swim This Way - Ariel (Mayumi Suzuki), Sora (Miyu Irino), Donald (Koichi Yamadera), Goofy (Yuu Shimaka), Flounder (Takuya Kaihouka) & Sebastian (Koichi Yamadera)
Part of Your World - Ariel (Mayumi Suzuki)
Under the Sea - Sebastian (Koichi Yamadera), Sora (Miyu Irino), Ariel (Mayumi Suzuki) & Snails (?)
Ursula's Revenge - Ursula (Kujira)
A New Day is Dawning - Ariel's Sisters (Hiromi Maeda & Shion Akino), Ariel (Mayumi Suzuki), Donald (Koichi Yamadera), Goofy (Yuu Shimaka), Sora (Miyu Irino), Sebastian (Koichi Yamadera), King Triton (Taro Ishida) & Flounder (Takuya Kaihouka)

So... Opinions, corrections or additional information?, Agreed or disagreed?, That must be the vocal credits for that tracks?, Anyone?

Last edited by OSTFANATIC-V2; Jul 21, 2012 at 11:26 PM.
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