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Old Aug 15, 2015, 06:39 PM
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The Legend of Xanadu is also featured here. It's the vocal track at the end of Disc 1.
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Old Jun 9, 2021, 09:24 AM
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Is disc 3 all prototype/unused? They sound different to the in game versions for Dawn of Ys.
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Old Jun 9, 2021, 03:43 PM
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Originally Posted by seanne View Post
Is disc 3 all prototype/unused? They sound different to the in game versions for Dawn of Ys.
In a sense, they are. Disc 3 as well as part I are the original versions by Falcom (probably done on PC-98 hardware) which were then sent off to Hudson and Tonkin House to be arranged for Dawn of Ys and Mask of the Sun, respectively. I'm not sure if Falcom was originally planning to develop a PC-98 version themselves and scrapped it or what. Maybe 《J》 knows something?

I don't know how that should be handled on the product end. Maybe have a broad Ys IV product with Dawn of Ys and Mask of the Sun as individual releases for the albums that specify? There was also a cancelled Mega CD version which is supposedly represented on at least one album. I'm also curious about this issue in relation to Thunder Force VI/Segagaga/Broken Thunder, which I've explained the background of here.

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Old Jun 12, 2021, 08:15 AM
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"Ys IV" as a whole only exists because Hudson specifically asked Falcom that they wanted "Ys IV" on PC Engine CD, due to the big success of their port of Ys I&II and other Falcom games. But since no PC-x8 version existed, the entire Ys dev team left Falcom in 1989 and the current staff was busy with other games (Brandish 2, The Legend of Xanadu, White Witch, etc), Falcom was not able to make it by themselves and instead Hudson offered to make The Dawn of Ys, with Falcom handling them a rough scenario draft and music (i.e. J.D.K. Special). This is also why the track titles for both J.D.K. Special albums follow The Dawn of Ys' context better than Mask of the Sun's (e.g. Temple of the Sun plays on some random dungeon at the beginning, using Valley of Quicksand on some random forest with thunderstorms, etc), nevermind how both the first J.D.K. Special album and Yonemitsu's Perfect Collection arrange albums use art and logo from Hudson's game. Then Tonkin House also got a license and materials from Falcom at some point and released Mask of the Sun; while Mask of the Sun did release a month earlier, development for The Dawn of Ys started earlier and took nearly two years.

The liner notes of this album (probably written by Jun Endo again) pretty much say that this FM soundtrack is the original version, and if Falcom had released a PC-98 original by themselves, it would have been called "Music from Ys IV" on album. But since no actual game with this version of the soundtrack exists and King Records only used the "Music from~" nomenclature for actual game/anime soundtracks, it got labelled as "J.D.K. Special" instead. Disc 3 of Special Box '95 contains all the remaining tracks that they couldn't include in the standalone 1993 album due to lack of CD space, in addition to a few unused songs; Tower was not arranged for The Dawn of Ys but shows up in Mask of the Sun, and Crater was arranged for Mask of the Sun but went unused.

The cancelled Mega CD version of Ys IV was part of the lineup of Sega and Falcom's short-lived joint venture, along with the also cancelled Super Brandish. Their represented tracks in TIM-SMD01 are just arrangements taken from Special Box '93 and Perfect Collection Brandish respectively, which is rather questionable given that Yonemitsu already fully commited to arrange all the redbook audio for The Dawn of Ys and how unfitting Kishimoto's J.D.K. BAND arranges are for in-game use. I imagine Sega-Falcom just had no pieces of music ready for neither project and simply sent these album arrangements for whether reason.

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