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Old Jun 22, 2020, 10:33 AM
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DMC4 Neros Theme and MegaMan Maverick Hunter X Armored Armadillo use the same snappy percussion loop. 0:01-thru out
It's that lo-fi snare hit that's in the background. It may be the same one used in Neros Theme. As soon as the lyrics kick in you can hear the same loop. It also plays the throughout the song. 0:33
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Old Jul 2, 2020, 12:49 PM
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Originally Posted by HarukameiKasumo View Post
Ah, yeah i have no idea on how to make that thing work. LOL But i did get other sounds to play and recognized a few other things.

More than one sound from Mega Man 7 is in there. The OB Brass in there is used in it, and that pluck sound heard in the game is from there. It is also the origin of other sounds from Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, such as the patch called FM Bass, all that alongside the drums coming from it. I might have even found the Finger Bass used in Super Street Fighter II on the SNES(used only in Cammy's theme)

I also found that the Roland D-10 is where they sampled the drums from for Street Fighter II on the SNES, the CPS1 ports.

The Roland U-110 is where they sampled the Drums from in Final Fight 2 and possibly the crappy port of Final Fight 1. It was also used in the U-220. The slap bass from Final Fight 2 was sampled from the Slap-PopBass preset in the Emu Proteus/1.

The Korg M1 SlapBass, i completely forgot to mention, was also used in Mega Man X2. It just doesn't use the Up Slap variation so it is a little more difficult to detect. The same soundboard's Piano16' was used in Super Adventure Island. I am trying to figure out where that Synth Brass sound from early/mid 90's capcom SNES games comes from(like Mega Man X) It almost sounds like a Roland D-50 Synth Brass, but i don't think i quite heard the exact sound. Needless to say i love D-50 synth brass sound :P. D-50 in general just has sounds with a lot of personality in general IMO.
Alongside that, i am still trying to hunt down the Slap Bass used in X-Men SNES as well as the Slam Master arcade games(which have the same one, to those of you unaware) The Organ from SNES X-Men/COTA i am trying to decide if i have found it, it seems to just be a generic Jazz/Perc Organ that could have been from anything.
I am also still trying to find you that SFA2/X-Men vs SF synth bass. I know i found it some time ago while looking this stuff up early on, but i haven't really been able to come across it again.

Final Fight 2 Kick as well as Final Fight 1 SNES and Final Fight 2 Toms.
Final Fight 2 Slap Bass.
SSFII and MMX2 Slap Bass
Super Adventure Island Piano

EDIT: I also seem to remember people mentioning a Donkey Kong Country game using the Metal Hit from the Korg M1 but then noticing it sounds nothing like it. That is because it was not the Metal Hit but the Pop preset.
Originally Posted by Nisto View Post
Tricky Sliders (Trick'n Snowboarder)
  • "Track 60" (sample 10) from "Zero-G: Guitar Odyssey" was used in 14 "Like The Wind"
Hey、I heard you were looking for the Mega Man X Syn Brass。 This is heard in the Korg M1、as well as the Slap Bass and the Drums。
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Old Jul 16, 2020, 01:39 PM
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Tricky Sliders (Trick'n Snowboarder)
  • "Track 44" (sample 6) from "Zero-G: That Jungle Flavour Vol. II" was used in 04 "No!!" (0:25)
  • "Track 41" (sample 9) from "Zero-G: That Jungle Flavour Vol. II" was used in 04 "No!!" (0:34)
  • "Track 42" (sample 7) from "Zero-G: That Jungle Flavour Vol. II" was used in 13 "Silvery Landscape" (0:57)

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