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Old Nov 27, 2015, 07:29 AM
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I understand someone pulled these translations from various Monster Hunter albums but some of these need fixing.

Disc 1

M1 煌めく千の刃 = One Thousand Glinting Blades -- This is in reference to the wyvern Seregios' gold scales, which are deadly blades and can be used as projectiles. Since they're gold and the word is "sparkling/glittering/brilliant" there are a million different adjectives you can use to describe it (Glinting, Glittering, Brilliant, Sparkling, Shining, Scintilating, Twinkling, Glistening, etc etc etc). Glinting fits best though, given that there are subtle differences between all the gl-- words (glisten, glimmer, glint, gleam, glitter).

M2 太陽の集落 -- Settlement changed to Village

M3 added a space in "Kecha Wacha" for the English creature name

M4 海上の村、モガ〜碧/港江にタンジア -- removed spaces around the Unicode tilde, fixed translation -- Moga, Village on the Sea ~ Blue / Port Tanzia -- Added the "~ Blue" part to the English translation, it was just missing before, or incorrectly placed on the other side of the /. Technically, it should be "Inlet to Tanzia" but the actual game area is called "Port Tanzia" (タンジアの港) and 港江 doesn't appear to be a very common word, so it might be okay to just call this "Port Tanzia".

M5 -- 剛き紺藍 -- I had to change this to "Deep Blue Hard Shell" even though the word "Shell" isn't in the kanji. "紺藍" is a color, "deep blue". "剛き" literally means "hard/strong/manly", not brave, though if it's describing a person it could probably be brave (but more like "resolute"). However, this is in reference to the creatures shell, which is why I added shell for clarification.

M7 -- 閃烈なる蒼光 -- Violent Flash, not Sparkling

M8 -- モンハン日記 ぽかぽかアイルー村 -- According to the wiki for this game, アイルー is the Japanese name for the word Felyne in the English game, so I changed it to that even though the game isn't localized.

Disc 2

M1 生命ある者へ -- I changed this to "I Will Keep On Living", although I'm not sure how grammatically accurate that is.

M2 海と陸の共震 -- Changed to "Resonance of the Land and Sea", I think 共震 is either a typo or a less-common way to write 共振.

M3 Just moved the wording around, changed to "Pokke Village Theme"

M4 嵐に舞う黒い影/クシャルダオラ 〜 炎国の王妃/テオ・テスカトル&ナナ・テスカトリ -- Changed to "Black Shadow Dancing in the Storm" and switched the order to "Teostra and Lunastra" to match the ordering

M8 大風に羽衣の舞う 〜 嵐の中に燃える命 -- Changed "Divine Wind" to Hurricane (storm, gale, typhoon, hurricane, strong wind)

M9 千剣に巣食う者 〜 逆鱗に抗う者 -- Those Who HAUNT One Thousand Swords. Good use of Indignation, though.

M10 -- Pluralized Winds


- Added arrangers
- deleted duplicate Miwako Chinone Composer entry
- Updated Album Info from insert

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