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Old Dec 2, 2017, 07:10 AM
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Can you add a source showing where all the new composer information came from (and a track breakdown if one exists?) Thank you.
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Old Feb 27, 2018, 04:08 PM
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- Updated Album Info from inserts
- Linked remaining unlinked artists
- A couple minor tweaks to track times (CD source)
- Tweaked the tracklist a bit

* D1M3: Scrap Iron's Stardust --> Stardust Made from Scrap Iron (I am not totally sure on the possessiveness here)
* D1M4: Electric Current Barrier --> Thunder Road Obstacle (Not entirely sure on Thunder Road but it's definitely not Electric Current (電流). This is the Bectas final stage map "Elevated Station" and the some guy breaks through a wall before the last boss of the stage, "Divine Machine". Not sure if "Thunder Road" is supposed to be the earthy road leading up to the stage or the fact that the stage is a mechanical area and the map background looks like a one-way conveyor belt)
* D1M5: Together with the Snow --> The Moment the Wind Brought the Snow. (The original is probably a bit too loose on the actual meaning but not sure you can easily relay it without creating a really long sentence. I think that is as short as I could make it without being overly complex)
* D1M6: Icicles on a Moonlight Night --> Icicles on a Moonlit Night (Bad grammar)
* D1M7: Darkness to Explore --> Searching the Darkness (Explore would be 探検)
* D1M8: Honor of Martial Arts' Heart --> Martial Honor (武心 is bushin and "martial" is the best I can come up with)
* D1M9: Firmness' Limit --> Rock-Solid (I took some liberty with this)
* D1M10: Sharp Decline Territory --> ??? ('峻拒' means to flat-out refuse, so i'm not sure what this really means. Sharp Decline is just the literal meaning of each kanji, and decline here means "to turn down an offer", not the opposite of an incline. I don't know if this is an area or location you are rejected/turned down or something? Google Translate also translates it as "Steep Region", which I'm inclined *wink wink* to believe is incorrect but I don't know)
* D1M14: The Roar of the God Dragon --> The Roar of the Dragon God
* D1M15: Immobility of Fighting Spirit --> Unwavering Fighting Spirit

* D2M1: Decision to the Future --> Determination Toward the Future (clarification. There is a very famous Japanese choral song of the same name that is often translated as just "Resolution".)
* D2M2: Deceased God's Melody --> Sealed God's Melody (one of the few videos/guides I've been able to understand, this is 亡街ルーチェス, which was translated as "Sealed God Lucius" in the EN version)
* D2M4: Sealed Power --> ??? (Note: there is a hearthstone card with this same meaning that is originally called "Forbidden Ritual".)
* D2M5: Roaring Soul --> Roaring soul (maintain original case)
* D2M6: To my Comrades in Arms --> To My Comrades in Arms (fix title case)
* D2M7: Bond! Continuous Attack! Break!! --> Link! Party Attack! Break!! (no idea where continuous came from)
* D2M12: Speed Rush --> SPEED RUSH (maintain original case)
* D2M13: Dazzling Brilliance of the Twilight ~A Prank~ --> Dazzling Brilliance at Dusk ~A Prank~ (hard to know if this is wrong or not but it is either "of Twilight" or "at Dusk"; also maintain original case)

Last edited by dancey; Feb 27, 2018 at 05:43 PM.
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Old Feb 27, 2018, 08:01 PM
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Thanks for fixing things up.
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