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Old Jul 20, 2021, 05:02 AM
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A little unsure on some of the romanisations I made.

The kanji at the end of tracks 3-5 on disc 1 spell out "合従軍" so I've changed the romaji to reflect that, however it does not represent the missing っ which you'd find in "がっしょうぐん".

As for later names, I was unsure for many of these as they reference actual real world Chinese names. For the most part I stuck to the way you would read it in Japanese, rather than doing a romanisation of the Chinese pronunciation. I cross-referenced most of these with readings on Japanese wikipedia pages, however some I had to put together on my own based on the individual readings of each kanji so I can't say I'm fully confident in how I've romanised every track.

If anyone wants to fix my romanisations, please do. I would just appreciate it if you mentioned why you changed them here, so I can learn how I was supposed to romanise them if I'm mistaken.
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