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Old May 12, 2011, 04:09 AM
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This is a different Takumi Inohaya than this one, right:
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Old May 12, 2011, 02:02 PM
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I... hm. Well.

The Japanese name of the percussionist Takumi Inohaya on this album is 猪早巧, sometimes written as 猪早タクミ. He's part of Alfanote:

Here's a random blog post saying that 猪早タクミ was responsible for the doujin Takumi Inohaya's album TWILIGHT SYMPHONY:

Tomoya Koga performed guitar on this album. Here's a deleted post from the percussionist Inohaya's blog, courtesy of Google Cache: He posted some string orchestra pieces he wrote, and Koga also performed guitar for two of them.

”Umber Snow”
ギター : 古賀友彌
作・編曲・打ち込み : 猪早タクミ

サックス : 加藤”加ト吉”雄一郎
ギター : 古賀友彌
作・編曲・打ち込み、Gt : 猪早タクミ
A Tomoya Koga also performed guitar for the doujin Inohaya on the albums Setsugekka and TRINITY -Metal Side-.

So, maybe they really are the same person? That's all I could find connecting them.
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Old Dec 11, 2012, 02:35 AM
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So the blog of the percussionist Inohaya that I linked in my post from last year only has one post, which says that he moved to a Jimdo site, It's unfortunately defunct now. Oh no!

Hey but interesting thing, someone with the curious name of 猪早タクミ contributed to doujin circle DDBY's album RelaxTime. DDBY's page links him to So there's your doujin connection. Also, to make things totally and completely obvious, Tomoya Koga played guitar on his piece.


While I'm here, game's sound team: Keisuke Tsukahara, Fumio Itoh, Yasuhiro Takagi, Naoyuki Machida, Shinichi Goto, Tomoya Koga. I'm not going to link them all as the "AM2 Sound Team" arrangers because I'm quite certain they're not all arrangers, Naoyuki Machida (recording engineer) and Tomoya Koga (only a guitarist for SEGA at this point in his career) in particular. AM2 does this lump "sound" credit a lot and it's really annoying.
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