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Old Mar 31, 2016, 12:46 PM
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Put up English tracklist, here are some notes:

M01 -- Not sure what double hajimari means, Beginning Beginning sounds weird but it's all I've got.
M02 -- "家族はつらいよ" lit. "A Family Is Hard/Tough/Difficult" but I added Work for clarification.
M08 -- "ヒガイシャ". Not sure the intent when a word is written in Katakana like that but it's the word for "Victim" or a grieving party in a dispute.
M09 -- "夫婦になりたい" lit. "I want to become husband and wife" but I cleaned it up to "I Want to Get Married"
M15 -- "ま・さ・かの再会". I'm not sure if it works this way in Japanese but it looks like they are emphatically spelling out "masaka", i.e., "never/under no circumstances/impossible/no way", which would loosely translate to something like "Ab-so-lute-ly not". I went with "Reunion? No Way" but maybe something like "We're Never Having a Reunion" would work. Also, I don't know if "reunion" in the family sense or reunion in the "see you again" sense, so it might also be something like "I'll *never* see you again".
M21 "サラリーマン" lit. "Salary Man" but in English it's "Company Man" as far as I know.
M32 "これが目に入らぬか!"
Authors of jidaigeki work pithy sayings into the dialog. Here are a few:

Tonde hi ni iru natsu no mushi: Like bugs that fly into the fire in the summer (they will come to their destruction)
Shishi shinchū no mushi: A wolf in sheep's clothing (literally, a parasite in the lion's body)
Kaji to kenka wa Edo no hana: Fires and brawls are the flower of Edo
Ōedo happyaku yachō: "The eight hundred neighborhoods of Edo"
Tabi wa michizure: "Travel is who you take with you"
In addition, the authors of series invent their own catchphrases called kimarizerifu that the protagonist says at the same point in nearly every episode. In Mito Kōmon, in which the eponymous character disguises himself as a commoner, in the final sword fight, a sidekick invariably holds up an accessory bearing the shogunal crest and shouts, Hikae! Kono mondokoro ga me ni hairanu ka?: "Back! Can you not see this emblem?", revealing the identity of the hitherto unsuspected old man with a goatee beard. The villains then instantly surrender and beg forgiveness. Likewise, Tōyama no Kin-san bares his tattooed shoulder and snarls, Kono sakurafubuki o miwasureta to iwasane zo!: "I won't let you say you forgot this cherry-blossom blizzard!" After sentencing the criminals, he proclaims, Kore nite ikken rakuchaku: "Case closed."
I don't have a better way to phrase that other than "Can You Not See This!". It doesn't really give any credit to the sort of surprise discovery that it implies, though.
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