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Old Nov 30, 2020, 10:18 AM
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Gotta admit that the notes are confusing me. I dunno about Kagetsu, but i'm weirded out about the Tsukihime sources:

"Tsukihime: 1.01-14, 2.01-10
Kagetsu Tohya: 2.11-20
Tsukihime (Tsukibako version): 2.21-28
Kagetsu Tohya (Tsukibako version): 2.29-38"

So there's the original Tsukihime game, the Tsukibako version which apparently features remastered music, and a bunch of light arrangements. that's why those notes are confusing me: The so called Tsukibako versions (D2-29~38) sound like the original sound as featured in the original game. They sound much rougher, and the instruments/mastering sounds much cleaner on 2.01-10, in comparison.

I've yet to read +Disc, but i went through the first music of the first story of it to check if it wasn't used as a possible source: In the Moonlight plays, and it's D1-09. There's additional strings and notes played, and it's not just a piano solo. The same track heard in the original is D2-28. (at least the version i played, which is supposed to be vanilla, which i've acquired through *certain means*, used the more rough versions as heard on D2-29~38. but with the ogg being simple to replace, it's not impossible the music i heard in game was actually the tsukibako music that someone replaced with, which is why i can't prove anything unless i find a genuine copy or something (but i doub that it wasn't the original music, considering how rougher it sounds compared to the other versions.)

So what's the truth? Is it possible that the notes have swapped the tsukibako version and the original sound version? Or does it have something to do with the Kagetsu Tohya music (but i doubt it since the remixes are there in their own category, and it makes more sense), or the +Disc?

I looked through the scans, but I didn't find anything related to the sources (but the scans are pretty small so i might have missed something). And the history doesn't show any additions, meaning that Musharraf, the creator of the submission made those in the first place. They haven't logged in since 2011, oops. Due to how old this information is (2006!) I'd think that those sources are simply innacurate, but it's hard to tell unless i've got definitive proof that don't rely on a shaky shared online version of the game/s.

I'd theorize that those would be more accurate sources:
D1-01~10: REPRODUCTION Side [Used in Tsukihime +Disc and/or Kagetsu Tohya?]
D1-11~14: REPRODUCTION Side [Original remixes exlusive to the album?]

D2-01~09: Tsukihime (Tsukibako version) [Light remasters/arrangements/reprises of Tsukihime music]
D2-10: Tsukihime Tsukibako exclusive track or Kagetsu Tohya? This is the only itteration of the track of the album, and it's not in the original
D2-11~20: Kagetsu Tohya (Tsukibako version) [Light remasters/arrangements/reprises of Kagetsu Tohya music. Unsure since i haven't read it but those tracks sound insanely cleaner than the later ones]
D2-21~28: Tsukihime OSV [Original Sound Version, sound more rough]
D2-29~38: Kagetsu Tohya OSV [Original Sound Version, sound more rough]

If some TYPE-MOON pro with knowledge on the earlier Tsuki/Kagetsu music i'd be glad to know the truth at last.

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Old Nov 30, 2020, 11:40 AM
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I just checked the redbook audio of the games and can confirm that:
2.01-10 are from the original Tsukihime
2.11-20 are from the original Kagetsu Tohya
2.21-28 are from the Tsukibako version of Tsukihime
2.29-38 are from the Tsukibako version of Kagetsu Tohya

2.10 is a track from the original Tsukihime that was replaced with "ever after (ED size)" (on the first disc) on the Tsukibako version
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