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Old Sep 22, 2010, 04:23 PM
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Preliminary English tracklist for the OST disc. I am by no means a skilled translator; this is just here until a better translation comes along.

I took liberties with many titles, opting to make them sound best to a native English speaker. I did not attempt tracks 1-3 as I didn't rip the files from my CD (because those tracks are awful). As for tracks 23, 24, and 31, I had no idea what to do with them.
01 つながリーヨ
02 流星ボーイ
03 スゲーッマジで感謝!~スーパーファイア~
04 Inazuma Caravan ~In Search of the Best Players~
05 Facing the Sun
06 Raimon Junior High ~Hopes and Dreams~
07 Evening Pylon
08 Inabikari Fighter (Anime Ver.)
09 Buried Hopes
10 Natsumi
11 Land of Naniwa [literally "Naniwaland"]
12 Will
13 Inazuma Running
14 Farewell, Shuya Gouenji
15 Pulsing Pitch
16 Sorrowful Past (Anime Ver.)
17 Another Ace Striker
18 Might of Raimon
19 Fateful Attack
20 Oath of the Heart
21 The New Coach Hitoko Kira
22 Man in the Black Suit
23 国家機関SPフィクサーズ
24 新人類 ザ・ジェネシス [Something like "the new generation of The Genesis"? ザ・ジェネシス refers to a specific faction in the show]
25 Showdown!
26 Dark Soccer Ball
27 Gals Theme [ギャルズ obviously refers to something from the show I'm not familiar with, can someone help?]
28 Fear of the Aliea Academy
29 Desperate Struggle ~Decisive Battle With Gemini Storm~
30 Celestial Disciple
31 あいつは太陽ボーイ!

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Old Sep 24, 2010, 08:19 PM
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I'm not convinced by the "Aliea" name, however I used it in my translation

I put "stars" for tr30, but honestly I think it has another meaning
maybe something like "Apostle of the Score"
and since there are 11 players, with a 12th dude... (I maybe see things )

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Old Feb 18, 2018, 04:50 PM
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Just for reference, some weird things in the booklet:

- Three performers have the last kanji missing in the credits. They already performed with Hitoshi Konno in other albums.
丹羽 洋輔 - Yosuke Niwa
坂田 佳奈子 - Kanako Sakata
増田 直子 - Naoko Masuda

- Yuko Kajitani (梶谷裕子) is credited twice.

- I haven't found any clue for the romanization of 太田貴.

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