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Old Mar 22, 2013, 06:26 AM
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First: this albums give the official translation of "ルパン三世・その" as "Lupin III part" so case closed.....

Second: The vinyl original print (CQ-7040) comes with the opening and ending theme in Tv size version with sound effect, ecc...; from what I know there's also a 1st CD print (cat. 32C35-7619) has the same Tv size tracks of the vinyl but it's mega rare, I never saw it...

Third but most important: tons of japanese site included, reported Koji Makaino as the arranger of the ルパン三世・その 1 & 2 themes composed by Takeo Yamashita. On the booklet it doesn't give the arrangement credit but other old albums like Lupin The Best Collection reports Takeo Yamashita as also the arranger of those themes (full size record version).
Well where's the problem? reports this
オープニングテーマおよびエンディングテーマのタイトルは、放送当時から長年にわたってファンを混乱させる 元となっていた。放送当時のシングルレコードはテイチクと朝日ソノラマから発売されたが、「ルパン三世その 1」がテイチクではエンディング、朝日ソノラマではオープニングとなっている。後に様々なレコード会社から 発売されるようになって以降も、発売元によってテイチクに準ずる場合と朝日ソノラマに準ずる場合があった。 コロムビアに至っては、発売時期によってタイトルが逆転したこともある。なお、現在は以下に太字で記したも のが正式なタイトルとしてJASRACに登録されているが、CDの種類によっては資料価値を考慮して意図的 に旧タイトルを表記している場合もある。

また、レコード用音源の編曲者は馬飼野康二で、放送当時のシングルには表記されていたのだが、その後表記漏 れになることが多かったため、山下毅雄が自ら編曲したと誤解されていた時期もある(TV用は山下自身が編曲 )。
From what I understand the TV original version of those theme were arranged by Yamashita while the record versions by Makaino, so I think most old Lupin albums which come with the full version reports the wrong credit of the TV version (originally coming with the vynil version). Generally we have to doubt wiki and others and report only official things, but I repeat tons of Japan Lupin sites spoke about this. I need a confirmation and I think these infos can be found on the Lupin 1st Anthology album (n. cat. COCX-32149) which is the only album that comes with ALL ルパン三世・その version ever published, maybe also on the extended reprint n. (cat. COCX-34170)... can a owner of those check them if there are links to Koji Makaino?

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Old Mar 22, 2013, 10:34 AM
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So if we go by the page, I guess the tracks referred to as "record versions" are ルパン三世・その1 and ルパン三世・その2? As far as I can hear, comparing these to the tracks with SFX (as well as to the DVDs), the music sounds the same but the instruments sound a bit different, somehow. As if it's the same compositions but different instruments - probably it's just the huge difference in sound quality though...

Unless they mean tracks 02, 08, 09 on this album, which are arranged versions and not in the TV series (as far as i can remember).
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Old Mar 22, 2013, 03:53 PM
depa depa is offline
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Yeah they referred to track 01 & 19, all the others were re-arranged/recorded...
Just for reference this is probably the best page on the web that speak about all theme songs of Lupin III Part I serie and the different versions available on Lupin discography for each theme...
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Old Aug 27, 2013, 02:29 PM
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The Koji Makaino missing credit of the Columbia album is on the booklet of the album LUPIN III '71 ME TRACKS (VPCD-81271 from VAP). I find a translation of the booklet:
The thinking of Kyuu-Lupin (Old Lupin) theme music

I try collect Kyuu-Lupin titles and how used it that is never collected it.
Rupan sansei theme song I
"Lupiiin Lupiiin Lupiiin Lupiiin Lupin the third".
You know famous opening music used from 1st to 3rd episode.
It's thrown a sentence "The song of Lupin III" on TV trop.
The record disc was on sale by TEICHIKU and ASAHI-SONORAMA.
Strange to say, first time this music put B-side on record called "Lupin III Version 2".
But few years after, Nippon-Colombia sale same music called "Lupin III Version 1".
Mr Kouji Umakaino was record editor for TEICHIKU Record.
But Nippon-Colombia version was deleted his name. Next time editor written Mr. Yamashita.
I think original TV edition were Mr. Yamashita's job, and recording work were Mr. Umakaino making.
Formal title is "Lupin III Version 1" now.
"TV original BGM collection - Lupin III ? Mr. Takeo Yamashita Original score" sale from Nippon-Colombia on '80 that new percussion added to Stereo master tape of TV record.
(Keiichi say: I have this album. I'm writing this male with listen one. Sooo coool!)
Nippon-Colombia made CD in '88 used TEICHIKU version.
"Lupin III theme history" (cocc-14667-8) takes "TV original BGM collection - Lupin III ? Mr. Takeo Yamashita Original score" in '97.
Rupan sansei theme song II
"Ashimoto ni karamituku---".
Everybody knows famous ending music. It's used all episodes Kyuu Lupin III.
This album adopt only third issue version that motorcycle sound effect on first part of music. Another issue were sound effect on last part.
TEICHIKU called "Lupin III version 1" on A-side of record. Editor is Mr. Umakaino.
But formal title is "Lupin III version 2" now.
Mr Tamio Okuda used "Lupin III version 2" in his album "Easy Rider".
(Keiichi say: Mr. Tamio Okuda is very famous musician in Japan.)
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