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Old Feb 28, 2018, 02:11 PM
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Source for the credits: JASRAC Website, the only case back of this album is on and a little difficult to read.
But that's me, or some kanji of the performer for the track 10 are different on the case back? Jasrac gives 鳥海ゆきこ as performer for this song. Maybe there is a variation of the artist's name on the case back, we need a better scan.

The composer and arranger 佐伯博志 = Hiroshi Saeki

His romanization appears on all his albums/singles:

He composed and sang too for Seton Doubutsuki Original Soundtrack:

The performer 小出ひろし = Hiroshi Koide (Main name: 小出博志)

He has a Wikipedia page with the band BUZZ (in fact formed of just 2 persons, Masakazu Togo and Hiroshi Koide):

Now what is interesting, in the notes of Wikipedia, we read about 小出博志: 一時期「佐伯博志(さえき ひろし)」を名乗っていた時期あり.
We have too Hiroshi Saeki's solo works.
So in fact Hiroshi Saeki is an alias for Hiroshi Koide, and it's the same person.
Which could explain why there is little information about Hiroshi Saeki (no Wikipedia page or something else).
Confirmed again by what is said in this link:

Other sources for the romanization of 小出博志:
BUZZ Website:
BUZZ Facebook:
DrillSpin Profile:

Hiroshi Koide did too a song "右手にバラを" for Sonic Soldier Borgman: Lovers Rain (as 小出博):

The performer 大野方栄 = Masae Ohno

Her romanization appears on many albums/singles:

List of her works:

The performer 鳥海ゆきこ = Yukiko Toriumi
I don't have some source for her, but I don't see other reading.
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