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Old Jan 16, 2011, 07:53 PM
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After thinking it over, I decided to fix the English tracklist. I used the game and ritchie's FAQ as reference (the guy specializes in Japanese games). I tried to avoid being fancy and kept things mostly clean--in other words went with direct translations.
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Old Jul 2, 2019, 07:21 PM
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So besides the songs here by Akio Dobashi and Noriyuki Takahashi of the band REBECCA, there are three by extremely random people who weren't Konami employees: 川本真 (16), Tadashi Sawashita (19), and 中村憲司 (25).

I just learned that, as part of the game's development, Konami solicited suggestions for stuff from readers of a magazine:

Much of Lagrange’s plot was worked out as part of “Game Kobo,” a reader-participation feature launched to celebrate the 100th issue of Tokuma Shoten’s Family Computer Magazine. Famimaga and Konami solicited all kinds of stuff from readers for the game, from enemy character designs and dialogue for random colony residents to music, plot details, and even the name of the game itself.
So those songs were judged good enough to put into the game itself. This is also probably why D4Enterprise didn't get the rights to put them on their remastered soundtrack.

Some more notes about this:

1). 中村憲司 is the Vocaloid producer RansuuP (乱数P). They actually uploaded a full production remake version of their song to NND a decade ago:

2). Masashi Hamauzu submitted to the contest as well(!), and one of his songs was good enough to be commended in an issue of Famimaga, although not quite good enough to be included in the game evidently. There's a scan of the magazine page here:
兵庫/浜渦正志 19歳
ドラムソロで軽快に始まる、サンバのようなリズムのダンスミュジック。作者の浜渦クン、他にも10本以上の 応募があった。
Incidentally, if anyone can get a hold of Hamauzu's submissions, please let me know as soon as possible lmao

3). The magazine spells 川本真's name as 河本真. Dunno which one is wrong.

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Old Jul 4, 2019, 06:08 AM
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This is awesome info and I just want to express my appreciation, CHz! Interesting and unexpected.
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