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Old Jun 27, 2019, 11:25 PM
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I translated the Japanese tracklist to English and I leave here what I did and how.

01 伝説
The kanjis meaning (separated) is something like "transmission of the story", that united can be literally translated as "Legend". In the movie this piece of music is at the beginning of the film when the narrator explains the story of the events, so "Legend" is what it is, literally.

02 愛はあなたの胸に / L'amour dans ton coeur
This line is literal, but in Japanese says "chest" instead "heart". The official French name of the track in the same official Japanese booklet says "coeur", that means "heart". So "Love is in your heart" is what I put instead "Love is in your chest" that sounds horrible.

03 宇宙海賊
"Space pirate", literal meaning.

04 海賊の旗の下に
"Under the pirate flag", literal meaning.

05 追憶
The kanjis (separated) is something like "recollections", "remember a memory", "following a memory", "restrospective moment", so instead that I put "Flashback" that is the noun of that definition. The scene in the movie happens when one character remembers the childhood in a flashback, literally, so "Flashback" is what I put.

06 最後の一人
"The last one", literal meaning. In the movie one character refers to another saying that "is the last survivor".

07 聖域
"Sanctuary", literal meaning. In the movie one character says "Ah... the central computer room. The most sacred place.", and a sacred place is a sanctuary, a sacred room.

08 惑星トカーガ
"Planet Tokarga", literal meaning.

09 時の結び目
"Spacetime nodes", literal meaning.

10 傷
"Wounds", literal meaning.

11 対峙 ~ 脱出
"Face to face ~ Escape", literal meaning.

12 ガイアフリート
"Gaia Fleet", literal meaning.

13 カレイドスター
"Kaleido Star-System"
This one is a bit controversial. The Japanese tracklist only says «Kaleido Star», the Japanese dub says «Kaleido Star-System» and the European/American dub says «Kaleido Converger Matrix». Both names are correct, calling it "Converger Matrix" is only the adaptation for the Western dub. And what is this? In the movie this is the name of a gigantic planetary weapon (noun), but the entire official name is with the word "-System" at the end. Kaleido Star is the planet where the weapon is built, and Kaleido Star-System is the weapon itself (like the Starkiller in the Star Wars franchise), and this music plays when the weapon is fired against the Arcadia, so in the tracklist I left the "-System".

14 反撃
"Counterattack", literal meaning.

15 カムホーム戦争
"Homecoming War", literal meaning, and it's a noun.

16 アルカディア号、拿捕
"Arcadia, captured" literal meaning.

17 ナミとイソラ
"Nami and Ezra", literal meaning.

18 ナミのメッセージ
"Nami's message", literal meaning.

19 死刑執行
"Execution sentence", literal meaning.

20 自由
"Freedom", literal meaning.

21 真実を伝えろ
"Tell the truth", literal meaning.

22 希望
"Hope", literal meaning.

23 オケアノス!
"Oceanus!", literal meaning, it's the name of a ship.

24 ヤマとイソラ
"Yama and Ezra", in Japanese the character Ezra is called "Isola", but I left the Western name for searching purposes if someone wants to search info on internet.

25 ジョーヴィアン・ブラスター
"Jovian Blaster", literal meaning, is the name of another weapon.

26 ダークマター機関
"Dark matter engine", literal meaning, is the name of the machinery that makes Arcadia work.

27 大地へ
"Falling down", in this one the Japanese tracklist says "To the ground". The scene in the movie is when the Arcadia is falling from the space to the ground of the Earth after being hit by a projectile, and in the Oxford dictionary the "Falling down" meaning is "Falling to the ground violently", so the adaptative title I left is "Falling down" instead "To the ground" that sounds horrible.

28 継承~発進
"Legacy - Launch", literal meaning.

29 宇宙を継ぐもの
"Successors of the Universe", literal meaning.

30 キャプテンハーロック メインテーマ
"Captain Harlock Main Theme", literal meaning.

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