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Old Oct 18, 2016, 09:12 PM
Spirit_Chaser Spirit_Chaser is offline
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I managed to get some information for this game by asking on Twitter. I asked Mr. Tenmon and got 3 responses. First, his compositions. Second, he guessed Masaru Nakajima's compositions. Third, he said Hirofumi Matsuoka did not compose anything.

Atsushi Shirakawa (Tenmon) revealed that he composed:

First Part:

1. Leone Fredrik Richter "A Cagesong of the Ocean" [Arr]

2. Sleepy Tad (Forte)

5. Song of Spring (McBain)

6. Wind's Serenade (Altos)

7. Song of the Gentle Breeze

20. Leone's Etude (Shuber)

21. Leone's Etude (McBain Troupe)

25. Rupthya's Corps March

27. The Emperor's Holiday (Balthazar)

28. Picking Wild Strawberries (Wendy)

33. Tears and Thoughts of that Day

37. Impatience

39. The Dark Empire

41. Song of Temptation (Aria)

42. Song of Temptation (Forte)

43. Town of the Eternal People

44. Leone's Tracks

45. Memories of the Forest -Elise's Theme- (Unused Music)

46. Leone Fredrik Richter "A Cagesong of the Ocean" -Plot Version- (Unused Music)

Second Part:

4. The Shadow of Numeros

5. The Dark Sun "Resurrection"

8. Undersea Melody "Hermit" (Una)

9. Undersea Melody "Into Another World"

15. Undersea Melody "Birth" (Una)

16. Undersea Melody "Surfacing" (McBain Troupe & Aria)

17. Blue Funeral (Duorl)

18. The Dark Sun "Ruins" [Arr]

19. One Who Blocks the Way

21. Undersea Lullaby (Forte)

22. A Cagesong of the Ocean Suite - Prologue "Removing the Seal"

23. A Cagesong of the Ocean Suite - Segue "Undersea Melody"

24. A Cagesong of the Ocean Suite - Aria "Undersea Lullaby"

25. A Cagesong of the Ocean Suite - Finale "Leone Fredrik Richter"

27. Undersea Melody "Birth" (Forte)

31. See Our Spirit (Forte)

32. Poem of Sunlight Filtering Through Trees (McBain)

33. Happy Little Birds (Una)

34. Traveler's Prelude (McBain Troupe)

36. Let's Dance (McBain Troupe)

38. Stardust Cantata (Complete Version)

39. Undersea Melody (Complete Version)

These are his guesses on what Masaru Nakajima might had composed:

First Part:

3. A Peaceful Time

4. A Hill Struck by the Sun

11. Invited by the Ocean Breeze

13. Who's This Rascal!

18. Deep Forest

19. Season of Love

22. Getting the Treasure!

24. Sadness Overcome

32. Trust in the Roulette

Second Part:

1. Hot and Cool

10. To Live in Tomorrow

13. For Those Who Interfere, No Mercy

26. I Want to Feel Love "Demise"

28. Of Every Tomorrow ~ Leone Fredrik Richter "End Credits"

29. I Want to Feel Love "And..."

35. Cheerful Traveler (McBain Troupe)

[I think Nakajima may have also done "Never Give Up", "Easy Victory! ...Right?" and "Farewell..."]
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Old Oct 19, 2016, 06:19 AM
petev21 petev21 is offline
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Why not ask Shirakawa about the other composers? It would be nice to a semi-complete composer breakdown for this game.
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