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Old Apr 1, 2021, 08:22 AM
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Disney's Music Trivia:

• Bambi had been considered for the Studios' second animated feature after Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in October 1937. Leigh Harline attended the first story conference, but was reassigned to Pinocchio.
Frank Churchill took over the project. Because the composer suffered from emotional issues and alcoholism, lyricist Larry Morey, who collaborated with Churchill already on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, pushed the increasingly
unreliable musician to produce for the film

• In October 1940 Walt Disney assigned Edward Plumb to Bambi as an associate composer, arranger, score developer, and co-orchestrator, because he was not satisfied with Frank Churchill's drafts of the score.
Ultimately, a full third of the score to the film would be attributed to Plumb. The "Autumn", "Winter", "Stag Fight" and "Fire" sequences are all written by Plumb, among other smaller cues as well as adapting Churchill's motifs within the score

• Last work of composer Frank Churchill, who commited suicide three months before the film's theatrical release

• Frank Churchill's last request had been that "Love Is a Song" be dedicaded to his wife. However, since the song had already been sent to the publisher, the request was denied

• Sid Fine arranged the "Gallop of the Stags"

• The score to the sixty-nine minute film is composed by 157 musical sequences

• Conductor John Mauceri has described the soundtrack of Bambi as a "pastoral symphony for children". In fact, Fantasia was in production at the same time, featuring Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony, to which Walt Disney
referred to in a story meeting. Edward Plumb was Fantasia's music director at that time

• Bambi features one of the most classically flavoured soundtracks, including forms of pastoral ("Main Title"), rondo ("Learning to Walk"), scherzo ("Bambi Meets Faline"), galop ("Galop of the Stags"), waltz ("Autumn"),
chorale ("Wintery Winds") or passacaglia ("Tragedy in the Meadow")

• Walt Disney suggested Charles Henderson, who did the choral arranging for Fantasia's Ave Maria, to do the choral arrangements for Bambi as well

• The prominent "Man" leitmotif, a simple, iconic, three-note theme played by strings, was appropriated by John Williams more than three decades later for a similarly menacing villain, the shark from Jaws (1975)

• Two songs, developed in 1938 by Churchill and Morey for Bambi, were not used in the picture. "The Rain Song", which was replaced by "Little April Shower", and "Twitterpated", a jazzy number, which would have been
sung by Friend Owl. However, the producers decided that a singing onscreen character would have worked against the comparatively realistic approach of the film. So, the song was cut and replaced by an instrumental track

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