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Old Oct 11, 2012, 06:01 PM
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Default Introducing: A'deo Chronicle Original Soundtrack (Project VGM)

Cover art designed by Kayin

In the Spring of 2011, I came up with a crazy idea. I wanted to make an RPG soundtrack--a big RPG soundtrack. Like those big three and four-disc sets we became accustomed to beginning in the mid-to-late 90s. Final Fantasy VII, Breath of Fire III, Genso Suikoden II... you get the idea.

It started with a modest thread over at where I asked the community to hit me with their original RPG ideas, from characters to places to plot concepts. The collaborative brainstorming yielded a wide variety of ideas, which I then compiled, revised, synthesized, and organized into a full scenario outline for a fictional RPG.

Following the creation of a 100-track long tracklist, I went in search of composers who, like myself, loved RPG soundtracks. It didn’t take long to fill up the roster, and thirty-five composers and 100 compositions later, we're finally ready to tell the story of A'deo Chronicle.

A’deo Chronicle was conceived as a Japanese-style, traditional turn-based RPG. That said, the things you will hear on this soundtrack are highly influenced by that particular genre’s wide range of music. Our collective influence takes pages from the old-school and modern era alike and includes both Japanese and Western flavors. There’s truly something for everyone!

Please see our main website below where you will find a variety of ways to listen to the soundtrack:

TRACKS: This page presents all 100 tracks simultaneously and loads an embedded SoundCloud player for each. This page may load very slowly, so you may have better luck with other options if it doesn’t work.

MP3 Download: This page allows you to individually download all tracks in .mp3 (VBR) format.

MP3 Torrent: This link will download a torrent file that includes all of the mp3s from the download page as well as credit notes, scenario notes, and the cover art you see at the beginning of this thread. SIZE: 431 MB

FLAC Torrent: This link will download a torrent file that includes a lossless (.flac) version of the soundtrack. Included are credit notes, scenario notes, and the cover art you see at the beginning of this thread. SIZE: 1.92 GB

The STORY page includes all scenario details related to the soundtrack.
You can access our SoundCloud group here to listen to the soundtrack (not ordered by track number). A YouTube playlist will be coming soon.

Let this thread serve as a place to comment on our work. All of us are eager to hear your feedback.


A’deo Chronicle Original Soundtrack

Zack Parrish, Jared Cowing, Kim Sanderhoff-KimCheolho, Joe Schwebke, Anthony Morgan, Aivi Tran, Daryl Banner, KungFuFurby, Alex Johnson-Buck, Rob Westwood, Tamsin Boldick, Daniel Joseph, Jonah Backfish, Aasif Chaundry, Stéphanie Desbourdes (Dentelle127), Sabrielle Augustin, Thomash Lee, James-Alan Nguyen, Kristijan Faust, Guifrog, Francis Gayon, Tom Gintoki Egan, Kayin, Shannon Mason (Pongball), Curtithird, Kris Troutman, Sean Hogan (seagaia), Sebastian Mielke, Callum Kennedy (Tuberz McGee), Jack Boldick, Roi de Janeiro, Angus Sheehan, Danny Morris, Rachel Peters

Anthony Morgan, Aivi Tran, Stéphanie Desbourdes, Jonah Backfish, Callum Kennedy, Tuberz McGee, Chris | Amaterasu, Daryl Banner

Strawberry Eggs, TG Barighm, dollssoulkirie, StormofSwords, nim22ama, Aurian, the_third_curry, bain_nick, and Jormungand

Joe Schwebke
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Old Nov 23, 2012, 01:25 PM
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It's always a good sign if nostalgia is evoked on the very first listen. Certainly no throwaway stuff here. This is highly inspiring stuff.
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