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Old Jan 4, 2014, 01:54 PM
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Let's take a closer look at the music in this game. It seems to be a selection of music from various Alicesoft & Championsoft games and then some original tunes.

R1 Pleasant Town (心地よい街)
R1 Thieves' Cave (盗賊の洞窟)
R1 Princess (王女)
R1 Hien's Mansion (妃円屋敷)
R1 Shil's Theme (シィルのテーマ)
Game: Rance (RANCE 光を求めて)
Music: Ichitaro (一太郎) - credited for all of Rance's music but these are the only original songs
Tauhid - Scarlet Flame (タウヒード 朱の炎)
Tauhid - Ari's Theme (タウヒード アリのテーマ)
Tauhid - Painful Parting (タウヒード 惜別)
Tauhid - Remi (タウヒード 鈴美)
Game: Tauhid (タウヒード)
Music: Ryuji Sasai (笹井りゅうじ)
Office Ladies (JO-2) (女子社員 (JO-2))
Office Ladies (JO-3) (女子社員 (JO-3))
Game: Josei Shain o Ikasu Hou (女性社員を活かす法) -- unconfirmed
Music: unknown
Sherlock (MUS-1) (名探偵 (MUS-1))
Sherlock (MUS-8) (名探偵 (MUS-8))
Game: Chotto Meitantei (ちょっと名探偵)
Music: Ryuji Sasai (笹井りゅうじ)
Crescent (N-4) (クレセント(N-4))
Crescent (N-5) (クレセント(N-5))
Game: Crescent Moon Girl (クレセントムーンがぁる)
Music: Santaro (三太郎)
LP2 Little Vampire (リトルバンパィア)
Game: Little Vampire (リトルバンパィア)
Composer: Niichan (にいちゃん)

All the music is recycled in Rance 2 and in the 2009 remake (credited to DragonAttack! with arrangements by Shade)
You can view the corresponding tracks on

Wikipedia credits Rance's music partly to Ryuji Sasai due to the recycling of his game music (notably Tauhid and Chotto Meitantei). It has sparked the rumor whether Dragon Attack could be an alias of Ryuji Sasai (long article here: ) -- There are similarities. Sasai himself confirmed to have worked on Bishoujo games in an interview with OSV.

Personally, I am not sure if Rance's music was composed by a single person, but since all tracks are later credited to DragonAttack! and assuming the information from Rance 02 remake is correct, that does not leave us many options.

It would of course be nice to have a reliable source (e.g. screenshots) of the old game music credits (particularly the two by Ryuji Sasai), aside from Wikipedia and blogs. It's also unclear if all early Alicesoft / Championsoft game music was composed by a single person using different aliases. That's basically the crux of the matter and makes it all speculation for now.

What's also interesting is the naming scheme for Alicesoft's first game music composers:
Rance -光をもとめて- // 一太郎
Rance II -反逆の少女たち- // 7太郎
Crescent Moon Girl // 三太郎
D.P.S. // 五太郎
Toushin Toshi // 9太郎
Rance III -リーザス陥落- // 12太郎

It must've been around the time Rance III was released that 雷丸 was used as an alias for BGM composer.

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Old Jan 4, 2014, 02:12 PM
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I sure hope we've discovered Sasai's alias. That man got to do a criminally small amount of music while at Square.
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