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Old Apr 19, 2010, 06:28 AM
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Default Suggestions for VGMDB lots of Rambling.


A few quick suggestions. A mechanism that keeps track of how many scans an album. An example would be 3 albums are submitted, 1 is an itunes digital album with just the main front scan. When submitted the user should be able to tell the submission there will only be 1 scan so it is in a sense "complete" and or "best" that will ever come.

Example 2 another itunes digital album this time with a front scan and pdf. The scans should include the front, and the pdf pictures, assume a total of 4. Again after all are uploaded and counted they could inform the site that this is "complete" for scans.

Example 3 The Akumajo Dracula box set that was released has approximately 80 scans. Again after being all submitted it could be informed it is complete.

However if someone has better scans or there was a missed scan it could be added and called complete once more. This Mechanism I think would be best for the adding of scans since you could then sort from complete and non complete amount of scans and find out which need adding easier. An amendment to it would be that once there is a known difference a VGMDB mail or such could be sent to users who have an album in their collection that is missing scans requesting if they can add any.

Another helpful bit with scans would be if they could inform of their dimensions, file size and file extension type. It would help on decisions to download and use what I assume is precious bandwith and makes sure you don't get exact copies you might have picked up elsewhere.

A small box to add notes when you change anything on a page to give a heads up as to why or where your information for the change can be found.

A democratic body could be formed of the staff and trusted editors/members to gather and slowly go through the entire body of the VGMDB Repository. This would be to check track times, acquire and check scans, link peoples, reviews, add extra information, put naming schemes in line with newer/official names, start adding the per track artist info, update translations according to the democratic body and maybe even info from in game, add extra notes closer to the info for when something is inherently wrong/misspelled.

After this body deals with an album and makes it "complete" it could then be locked from changes and as mentioned by secret squirrel, a member would have to have strong reliable information for the change and put it in the discussion boards. With so much info in the discussion boards a flag might be added to the persons post with the info so it won't be glazed over. And a reply should be put as to why it did or didn't achieve acceptance to block people from putting the same.

Black lists per game or list for changes that are known to be wrong but multiple keep adding.

Addition of Animation might be nice as long as it is controlled and looked over as well as the video games are. Plus the democratic body gets to look over them so they can preempt having to go over them in the future like the previous suggestion for video games.

When things are unknown or can't be readily found out by looking at booklets and games, sending a message to the composer, artist, label, company may be the best way and may also get a "friendship" out of it, like getting info on something that is new that will be coming out before anyone else and having the scans and info for it pre-shipping because they like you. (Long shot). Still an email to a composer asking what they did on a few games at a time and maybe even get corrections for spelling errors.

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Old Apr 19, 2010, 03:19 PM
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I can't comment much on scans but I guess it'd be nice to have notes on what's missing/complete.

The small box for notes seems a bit excessive/slow, there is always the album thread.
Black lists, I don't think that actually happens much. Maybe for translations but what is wrong/right is often subjective.

The 'vgmdb body' is essentially how it works now (in a DIY way -- I fix the album I'm interested/know, but it takes a hellacious long time to check all you ask, it's tough). I think "locking" would disencourage people to participate, the staff already can revert changes anyway, but some kind of 'acceptable' flag for info purposes could help.
Keep in mind there is a gazillion of albums here so it's impossible to 'fix' every one, and the % of would-be-locked "problematic" albums is small I think.

What would probably help to check for completeness is some canned searchs to find albums without publishers/distributors, translation/jp tracklist, unlinked artists, scans (cover at least)...
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Old Apr 19, 2010, 05:01 PM
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Some of these are things we've been toying around with. We'll see after we get through the submission guidelines restructuring.

Those canned searches are a good idea. We have a few of them behind the scenes, but we should put together a whole suite of them and make them public as you described.
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