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PublisherN/AVarnir of the Dragon Star: Ecdysis of the dragon SPECIAL SOUND TRACKOct 11, 2018
PublisherN/AKangokutou Mary-Skelter 2 Original Soundtrack CDJun 28, 2018
PublisherN/AChoujijigen Game Neptune Re;Birth1+ Original SoundtrackMay 31, 2018
PublisherIF-0127Death end re;Quest ORIGINAL SOUND TRACK CDApr 12, 2018
PublisherIF-0118Tokyo Clanpool mini soundtrack CDOct 05, 2017
PublisherIF-0115~6Genkai Tokki CASTLE PANZERS Limited Edition Bonus Special DigipackSep 28, 2017
PublisherIF-0106~7GUN GUN PIXIES Drama CD & Soundtrack CDApr 27, 2017
PublisherIF-0103~4CYBER DIMENSION NEPTUNE: 4 Goddesses Online Royal Edition SITUATION CD / SOUND TRACK CDFeb 09, 2017
PublisherIF-0094Genkai Tokki SEVEN PIRATES Limited Edition Drama CD "The Seven Pirates' Biggest Crisis"Aug 04, 2016
PublisherIF-0074MeiQ no Chika ni Shisu Special SoundtrackDec 17, 2015
PublisherIF-0085Hyperdimensional War: Neptune's Platoon VS Sega Hard Girls Mini Soundtrack CDNov 26, 2015
PublisherN/AHyperdimensional War: Neptune's Platoon VS Sega Hard Girls Drama CD "Gakuyaura no Girls☆Talk"Nov 26, 2015
PublisherIF-0068fairy fencer f ADVENT DARK FORCE Drama CD "Yousei Koukou no Nanafushigi"Nov 05, 2015
PublisherIF-0082Uberdimension: Blanc+Neptune Faction VS the Zombie Army ORIGINAL SOUND TRACKOct 15, 2015
PublisherIF-0073Genkai Tokki Moero Crystal "Extreme xxx Pairing" Monster Girls Clear Voice Collection CDSep 25, 2015
PublisherFPBD-0306MEGA DIMENSION NEPTUNE VII Dream Edition DG-ROMApr 23, 2015
PublisherIF-0049Omega Quintet Original Soundtrack CDOct 02, 2014
PublisherIF-0045Omega Quintet Drama CDOct 02, 2014
PublisherN/ADATE A LIVE: Ars Install Preorder Bonus Drama CDJun 26, 2014
PublisherN/ADATE A LIVE: Ars Install Limited Edition Bonus Drama CDJun 26, 2014
PublisherN/AAttouteki Yuugi Mugen Souls Z Situation CDApr 25, 2013
PublisherN/AKamijigen Game Neptune Victory Original Soundtrack CDAug 30, 2012
PublisherN/AKamijigen Game Neptune Victory "Moshi Megami ga Yome dattara LoveLove Shichau Kamo Shirenai." CDAug 30, 2012
PublisherN/AChoujigen Game Neptune mk2 Original SoundtrackAug 18, 2011
PublisherN/AChoujigen Game Neptune Sound Track CDAug 19, 2010
PublisherN/ASo Ra No Wo To: Otome no Quintet Preorder Bonus Sora ni Hibiku Tsunobue no Quintet CD "Amazing Grace"May 17, 2010
PublisherSLPM-55189-CDRosario + Vampire CAPU2: Rhapsodia of Love and Dreams Limited Edition Theme Song CDJul 23, 2009
PublisherN/AAgarest Senki Zero Limited Edition Interviews with Seiyu and Original SoundtrackJun 25, 2009
PublisherIF0707-ST-PREShall we TAKORON & Tsukiji GINDACO TakoYaki Theme Song TakoYaki TAKORONAug 23, 2007
PublisherIF0703-RH-PRERogue Hearts Dungeon ~Sound Track~Apr 26, 2007


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