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Founded by former executives of Media Factory, Inc. that left the company after it was purchased by KADOKAWA CORPORATION on October 12, 2011, with support of The Pokémon Company.






TGCS-11316ARIFURETA: from commonplace to world's strongest vol.3 Character Song: Jibun'iro no Mirai/Harvest DistributorFeb 26, 2020
TGCS-11315ARIFURETA: from commonplace to world's strongest vol.2 Character Song: FUTURE STEP/DRAGON'S HIGH DistributorDec 25, 2019
TGCS-11314ARIFURETA: from commonplace to world's strongest vol.1 Character Song: Kin'iro ni Somaru Yoake DistributorOct 30, 2019
OVCB-0005ARIFURETA: FROM COMMONPLACE TO WORLD'S STRONGEST #10 Limited Edition Drama CD: DHS -Daitai Hajime no Seii- PublisherJun 25, 2019
OVXN-0050BAKUMATSU Vol.2 Special Radio CD DistributorApr 24, 2019
TGCS-10949Seishou Ongaku Gakuen Musical Song 3: Koi wa Taiyou ~CIRCUS!~ PublisherFeb 27, 2019
OVXN-0049BAKUMATSU Vol.1 Special Radio CD DistributorJan 30, 2019
TGCS-10948Seishou Ongaku Gakuen Musical Song 2: You are a ghost, I am a ghost ~Gekijou no Ghost~ PublisherDec 26, 2018
OVCP-0009Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu!・Let's Go, Eevee! Super Music Complete DistributorDec 01, 2018
TGCS-10947Seishou Ongaku Gakuen Musical Song 1: My friend ~Arrie~ PublisherOct 24, 2018
OVXN-0045SPACE BATTLESHIP TIRAMISU Second volume Special Drama CD DistributorJul 25, 2018
OVCS-0009Cardfight!! Vanguard G Z Original Soundtrack PublisherJul 25, 2018
OVXN-0044SPACE BATTLESHIP TIRAMISU First volume Special Drama CD DistributorJun 27, 2018
OVCB-0003Grimgar, le Monde des cendres et de fantaisie level.unk: Yukite Kaerishi Chi no Enigma PublisherJun 25, 2018
OVCS-0007Cardfight!! Vanguard G NEXT Original Soundtrack PublisherMay 23, 2018
OVCB-0004Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi Drama CD PublisherApr 25, 2018
OVCB-0002ARIFURETA: FROM COMMONPLACE TO WORLD'S STRONGEST #8 Limited Edition Drama CD: Kokoro no Yami wo Kaimamita! PublisherApr 25, 2018
OVCB-0001ARIFURETA: FROM COMMONPLACE TO WORLD'S STRONGEST #7 Limited Edition Drama CD: Kouun no Omamori PublisherDec 25, 2017
OVCS-0004Cardfight!! Vanguard G Stride Gate-hen Original Soundtrack PublisherDec 21, 2016
OVCP-0007Nintendo 3DS Pokémon Sun & Moon Super Music Complete DistributorNov 30, 2016
OVXN-0028Anne-Happy VOLUME 6 EXTRA CD DistributorNov 23, 2016
OVCP-0008Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon Alola ART Book Special CD PublisherNov 18, 2016
OVXN-0027Anne-Happy VOLUME 5 EXTRA CD REN ver. DistributorOct 26, 2016
OVXN-0026Anne-Happy VOLUME 4 EXTRA CD HIBIKI ver. DistributorSep 28, 2016
OVXN-0025Anne-Happy VOLUME 3 EXTRA CD BOTAN ver. DistributorAug 24, 2016
OVXN-0024Anne-Happy VOLUME 2 EXTRA CD HIBARI ver. DistributorJul 27, 2016
OVXN-0023Anne-Happy VOLUME 1 EXTRA CD HANAKO ver. DistributorJun 22, 2016
OVCS-0003Cardfight!! Vanguard G GIRS Crisis Original Soundtrack PublisherMay 25, 2016
OVCI-0008Radio Ensemble Stars! ~Yoruyami no Mamono ni Obieru Koneko~ DJCD Collection Vol.3 [Limited Edition] PublisherMay 25, 2016
OVCI-0005Radio Ensemble Stars! ~Yoruyami no Mamono ni Obieru Koneko~ DJCD Collection Vol.3 PublisherMay 25, 2016
OVBA-1040Cardfight!! Vanguard G GIRS Crisis Original Soundtrack CD PublisherMay 25, 2016
OVCP-0006Pokémon Red·Green Super Music Collection DistributorApr 27, 2016
OVCI-0007Radio Ensemble Stars! ~Yoruyami no Mamono ni Obieru Koneko~ DJCD Collection Vol.2 [Limited Edition] PublisherApr 27, 2016
OVCI-0004Radio Ensemble Stars! ~Yoruyami no Mamono ni Obieru Koneko~ DJCD Collection Vol.2 PublisherApr 27, 2016
OVCI-0006Radio Ensemble Stars! ~Yoruyami no Mamono ni Obieru Koneko~ DJCD Collection Vol.1 [Limited Edition] PublisherMar 23, 2016
OVCI-0003Radio Ensemble Stars! ~Yoruyami no Mamono ni Obieru Koneko~ DJCD Collection Vol.1 PublisherMar 23, 2016
OVCP-0005Pokémon no Nakigoe ga Kikeru CD PublisherFeb 27, 2016
OVCI-0002Radio Ensemble Stars! ~Yoruyami no Mamono ni Obieru Koneko~ DJCD Collection Trial Version C89PublisherFeb 24, 2016
OVCP-0004Nintendo 3DS Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Super Music Complete DistributorDec 03, 2014
TGCS-7717Infinite Stratos 2 Vol.7 Special CD (Tatenashi Sarashiki) PublisherMay 28, 2014
TGCS-7715Infinite Stratos 2 Vol.6 Special CD (Kanzashi Sarashiki) PublisherApr 23, 2014
TGCS-7713Infinite Stratos 2 Vol.5 Special CD (Laura Bodewig) PublisherMar 26, 2014
LALA-5010Infinite Stratos Original Voice Drama feat. Infinite Lovers DistributorMar 26, 2014
LALM-4005Infinite Stratos 2 Ignition Hearts Theme Song Collection DistributorMar 05, 2014
TGCS-7711Infinite Stratos 2 Vol.4 Special CD (Charlotte Dunois) PublisherFeb 26, 2014
LALA-5009Infinite Stratos Original Drama Series Vol.7 feat. Tatenashi Sarashiki DistributorFeb 26, 2014
TGCS-7709Infinite Stratos 2 Vol.3 Special CD (Huang Lingyin) PublisherJan 29, 2014
LALA-5008Infinite Stratos Original Drama Series Vol.6 feat. Kanzashi Sarashiki DistributorJan 29, 2014
TGCS-7707Infinite Stratos 2 Vol.2 Special CD (Cecilia Alcott) PublisherDec 25, 2013
LALA-5006~7Infinite Stratos 2 Original Soundtrack DistributorDec 25, 2013
LALM-4004BEAUTIFUL SKY DistributorNov 20, 2013
OVCP-0002Nintendo 3DS Pokémon X・Y Super Music Collection DistributorNov 13, 2013
LALM-4003True Blue Traveler / Minami Kuribayashi DistributorNov 06, 2013
LALM-4001~2True Blue Traveler / Minami Kuribayashi [Limited Edition] DistributorNov 06, 2013
TGCS-7705Infinite Stratos 2 Vol.1 Special CD (Houki Shinonono) PublisherOct 30, 2013
OVCP-0003POKÉMON X and Y WORLD ART BOOK SPECIAL CD PublisherOct 12, 2013
LALA-5005Infinite Stratos Original Drama Series Vol.5 feat. Laura Bodewig DistributorAug 28, 2013
LALA-5004Infinite Stratos Original Drama Series Vol.4 feat. Charlotte Dunois DistributorJul 31, 2013
LALA-5003Infinite Stratos Original Drama Series Vol.3 feat. Lingyin Huang DistributorJun 26, 2013
LALA-5002Infinite Stratos Original Drama Series Vol.2 feat. Cecilia Alcott DistributorMay 29, 2013
LALA-5001Infinite Stratos Original Drama Series Vol.1 feat. Houki Shinonono DistributorApr 24, 2013
OVCP-0001Nintendo DS Pokémon Black2 - White2 Super Music Complete DistributorJul 25, 2012


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