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N/AVokabulantis PublisherOct 2022
N/ASea Of Stars: Wellspring Genesis Original Soundtrack PublisherMar 2022
8BIT-8140Child albumManifold Garden Original Soundtrack Publisher2022
8BIT-8127Music From The Game Mutazione Publisher2022
8BIT-CD002Cuphead CD Set: Songs and Sketches PublisherApr 09, 2021
8BIT-8124Kentucky Route Zero 2xLP Vinyl Soundtrack PublisherApr 2021
8BIT-8158Tell Me What You Want / Weezer Publisher2021
8BIT-8146Spinch LP Vinyl Soundtrack Publisher2021
8BIT-8145Blaseball: DISCIPLINE Publisher2021
8BIT-8143Child albumP5R - PERSONA5 ROYAL Publisher2021
8BIT-8142Singularity X Publisher2021
8BIT-8139Sea of Thieves 3xLP Vinyl Soundtrack Publisher2021
8BIT-8136Grindstone 2xLP Vinyl Soundtrack Publisher2021
8BIT-8135THE PATHLESS Publisher2021
8BIT-8121-2Child albumDisco Elysium 3xLP Vinyl Soundtrack Publisher2021
8BIT-8121-1Disco Elysium 3xLP Vinyl Soundtrack [Limited Edition] Publisher2021
N/AHymn of the Soul Publisher2021
8BIT-8129Untitled Goose Game PublisherDec 2020
8BIT-8126-CBattletoads: Rash's Toadally Rad Adventure Cassette PublisherDec 2020
8BIT-8126Battletoads: Smash Hits PublisherDec 2020
8BIT-8132-7It's Bugsnax! PublisherNov 2020
8BIT-8125Too Late To Love You / Junebug PublisherNov 2020
8BIT-8113APE OUT original game soundtrack PublisherOct 09, 2020
8BIT-8122WHAT THE GOLF? Vinyl Soundtrack PublisherOct 2020
8BIT-8123-7Join The Pac / Ken Ishii feat. Pac-Man LabelAug 29, 2020
8BIT-8118Ori and the Blind Forest PublisherAug 18, 2020
8BIT-8109Ori and the Will of the Wisps PublisherAug 18, 2020
8BIT-8120SIGNALS From The OUTER WILDS PublisherJul 2020
8BIT-8116Mattaw PublisherJul 2020
8BIT-8117Supergiant: the 10th Anniversary Collection PublisherJun 19, 2020
8BIT-8119Rocket League x Monstercat: Greatest Hits PublisherMar 2020
8BIT-8114Sayonara Wild Hearts PublisherMar 2020
8BIT-CD001Gimmick! PublisherFeb 27, 2020
8BIT-8121198X PublisherFeb 27, 2020
8BIT-8099Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time Vinyl Soundtrack PublisherDec 09, 2019
8BIT-8112DJ Sona: Ultimate Concert Vinyl PublisherDec 05, 2019
8BIT-8100Child albumGRIS ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK [Limited Edition] PublisherDec 2019
8BIT-8059Hitman: The Critical Collection PublisherNov 2019
8BIT-8111League of Legends: Selected Orchestral Works PublisherOct 16, 2019
8BIT-8114-7Sayonara Wild Hearts PublisherAug 31, 2019
8BIT-8107Selected Tunes From Studio MDHR's Cuphead PublisherAug 2019
8BIT-8093The Messenger PublisherJun 2019
8BIT-8090Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery (Super Deluxe Edition) PublisherJun 2019
8BIT-8096Donut County PublisherMay 2019
8BIT-8097Child albumflorence PublisherApr 2019
8BIT-8092The Banner Saga 3 PublisherApr 2019
8BIT-8089Doki Doki Literature Club PublisherApr 2019
8BIT-8098Grim Fandango 2xLP Vinyl Soundtrack PublisherFeb 2019
8BIT-8094Gone Home PublisherFeb 2019
8BIT-8088Old Man's Journey PublisherDec 2018
8BIT-8085Gang Beasts Original Soundtrack PublisherOct 2018
8BIT-8084Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Vinyl Soundtrack PublisherOct 2018
N/ADoki Doki Literature Club! Tokyo Game Show Exclusive! PublisherSep 20, 2018
8BIT-8083Skyrim JUN/VUL Vinyl Edition PublisherAug 2018
8BIT-8045Conker's Bad Fur Day PublisherAug 2018
8BIT-8044Viva Piñata PublisherAug 2018
8BIT-8043Battletoads In Battlemaniacs PublisherAug 2018
8BIT-8086Shadow Of The Colossus PublisherJul 2018
8BIT-8079Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire Vinyl Soundtrack PublisherJul 2018
8BIT-8077Child albumJohto Legends (Music From Pokémon Gold & Silver) [Limited Edition] PublisherJul 2018
8BIT-8072Monument Valley II Original Game Soundtrack PublisherJul 2018
8BIT-8077Johto Legends (Music From Pokémon Gold & Silver) PublisherJun 2018
8BIT-8075Smash Hit / PinOut 2xLP Vinyl Soundtracks PublisherJun 2018
8BIT-8081-7Annoying Dog Shrine PublisherMay 2018
8BIT-8081Child albumUNDERTALE Vinyl Soundtrack (Japan Edition) PublisherMay 2018
8BIT-8078Uncharted: The Lost Legacy PublisherMay 2018
8BIT-8070What Remains Of Edith Finch Vinyl Soundtrack PublisherApr 2018
8BIT-8082UNDERTALE: Determination 3xLP Vinyl Soundtrack PublisherMar 2018
8BIT-8087Framed 2 Vinyl Soundtrack Publisher2018
8BIT-8069Persona 5 Vinyl Soundtrack Essential Edition PublisherDec 2017
8BIT-8069P5 PublisherDec 2017
8BIT-8064-7Selections From Cuphead Original Soundtrack PublisherNov 24, 2017
8BIT-8073140 Vinyl Soundtrack PublisherOct 2017
8BIT-80312064: Read Only Memories Vinyl Soundtrack PublisherOct 2017
8BIT-8064Cuphead Deluxe Vinyl Soundtrack PublisherSep 2017
8BIT-8058OWLBOY PublisherSep 2017
8BIT-8046Sunset Riders EP PublisherAug 21, 2017
8BIT-8068Undertale On Piano PublisherAug 2017
8BIT-8065Runbow Original Soundtrack PublisherAug 2017
8BIT-8054Child albumHero of Time [Limited Edition Vinyl] PublisherAug 2017
N/ARez Infinite - Area X PublisherAug 2017
8BIT-8066Planet Coaster Soundtrack PublisherJul 2017
8BIT-8054Hero of Time PublisherJun 30, 2017
8BIT-8060Headlander PublisherJun 16, 2017
8BIT-8067Warframe Vinyl Soundtrack PublisherJun 2017
8BIT-8053BOUND Original Soundtrack PublisherMay 2017
8BIT-8051The Last Guardian PublisherMay 2017
8BIT-8047ABZÛ PublisherApr 2017
8BIT-8032Flower PublisherApr 2017
8BIT-8033flOw PublisherMar 2017
8BIT-8023Ori and the Blind Forest Original Soundtrack PublisherFeb 2017
8BIT-8023Child albumOri And The Blind Forest Original Soundtrack [Limited Edition] PublisherFeb 2017
8BIT-8050Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Original Soundtrack PublisherJan 2017
8BIT-8049Cosmic Tunes PublisherJan 2017
8BIT-8038NECROPOLIS Collector's Edition PublisherJan 2017
8BIT-8026Hyper Light Drifter PublisherJan 2017
8BIT-8048-7Dogsong PublisherDec 2016
8BIT-8048UNDERTALE PublisherDec 2016
8BIT-8039Rocket League: The Vinyl Collection PublisherDec 2016
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