Sekai Project

since 2007
Subsidiaries: Denpasoft
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Game / Software Company
United States, Japan
Sekai Project is an American company and video game publisher. They are known for licensing and translating Japanese visual novels into English, but they also publish original English visual novels developed outside Japan, manga, and other non–visual novel video games.






N/AMahou Arms Original Game Soundtrack PublisherDec 28, 2021
N/AThe Ditzy Demons Are in Love With Me Fandisc - Theme Songs PublisherJun 22, 2021
N/AReverse x Reverse Original Soundtrack PublisherDec 15, 2020
N/ATokyo Chronos Sound Selection PublisherOct 2020
N/ANe no Kami - The Two Princess Knights of Kyoto Original Soundtrack PublisherAug 06, 2018
N/AShining Song Starnova Original Soundtrack PublisherJul 25, 2018
N/AShining Song Starnova Vocal Collection PublisherJul 25, 2018
N/AAir -2236 A.D. Original Soundtrack- PublisherJul 24, 2018
N/AA Light in the Dark Original Soundtrack PublisherJun 15, 2018
N/AWORLD END ECONOMiCA Complete Soundtrack PublisherMay 27, 2017
N/ALucid9 Official Soundtrack PublisherApr 14, 2017
N/AJust Deserts - Original Sound Track PublisherJul 26, 2016
N/AHighway Blossoms Original Soundtrack PublisherJun 17, 2016
N/ALucid9 Original Soundtrack PublisherApr 20, 2016
KSLA-0011Child albumCLANNAD arrange album "MABINOGI" PublisherMar 09, 2016
N/AChild albumSound of Drop - fall into poison - Official Soundtrack PublisherDec 04, 2015
N/AChild albumnarcissu SIDE 2nd Soundtrack PublisherApr 25, 2014


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