Battlefield 4

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Release Date
October 29, 2013
EA DICE / / ( PC), DICE LA / / ( PC)
Electronic Arts / /


Audio Directors / Ben Minto (DICE), Bence Pajor (DICE), Andrew Boyd (Visceral), Paul Gorman (Visceral)
Lead Sound Designers / Andreas Almström, Mari Saastamoinen Minto
Sound Designers / David Jegutidse (DICE), Samuel Justice (DICE), David Lowmiller (Visceral), Bill Rudolph (Visceral), Sean Vora (Visceral), J White (Visceral)
Additional Sound Designer / Stefan Strandberg, Olof Strömqvist, Kim Creutzer, Charles Deenen (Source Sound)
Audio Analysts / Simon Lindskog, Gustav Rathsman
Lead Audio Engineer / Jonatan Blomster
Audio Engineers / Martin Loxton, Clement Visseq
Audio / Anders Clerwall, Martin Loxton
Original Score Written by / Johan Skugge, Jukka Rintamäki
Original Score Produced by / Johan Skugge, Jukka Rintamäki
Additional Parts / David Tallroth
Theme Adapted by / Johan Skugge, Jukka Rintamäki
Theme Produced by / Rami
Executive Music Producer / Steve Schnur
Music Licensing Manager / Beverly Koeckeritz
Music Marketing Manager / Raphaella Lima
Additional Sound Recording / Frank Bry (The Recordist), David Eisler, Tilman Hahn (Tonstrum), Tor Johnson (New Sound Lab), Emil Klotzsch (Tonstrum), Max Lachmann (Pole Position Productions), Pierre Gerwig Langer (BOOM Library), Bernard Löhr (Pole Position Productions), David Möllerstedt (Teenage Engineering), Rob Nokes (Sounddogs), Tim Prebble (Hiss and a Roar), Michael Raphael (Rabbit Ears Audio), Axel Rohrbach (BOOM Library), Jingyi Wang (EA China)


"Total Eclipse of the Heart"
Performed by Bonnie Tyler
Written by James Richard Steinman
Published by Edward B Marks Music Publishing
Recording courtesy of Sonic Music by arrangement with Sony Music Publishing
Lost Boys Music (BMI) / Carlin America
Additional Music Courtesy Of Extreme Music



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