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Memories Off

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    Sound / Takeshi Abo


    Sound: Takeshi Abo

    "勇気の翼" - Opening Theme
    Lyrics/Composition/Arrangement: Chiyomaru Shikura
    Vocals: Maria Yamamoto

    "This may be the last time we can meet" - Ending Theme
    Lyrics: Kaoru Akizuki
    Composition: Hidehiko Katou
    Arrangement: Sunflower
    Vocals: Maria Yamamoto



    10.24 KID BEST OST Selection For GAMERS FPBD-0598 Soundtrack


    03.21 Resilience ~Memories Off BEST~ / Ayane USSW-0085 Vocal


    07.25 Memories Off 10th Anniversary PERFECT VOCAL COLLECTION FPBD-0156 Vocal


    08.15 Memories Off Gaiden - Makoto to Tooru no Midnight Carnival in Rusakku Sakura Mineten FPBD-0067 Drama
    08.06 Elephant Notes / Ayane FVCG-1037 Vocal
    05.29 Memories Off Character Song & Soundtrack FVGK-0005 Soundtrack, Vocal


    09.25 Memories Off 8bit arrange kid0102~3 Arrangement
    04.07 Minna de Tsukuru Memo Off CD!! Season 3 VGCD-0031 Arrangement, Vocal, Drama


    08.14 Gray Ocean COCD-0001 Fan Arrangement


    12.22 Memories Off Orgel Collection SCDC-00394 Arrangement
    11.19 Memories Off Special Bgm Collection Box - KID BGM COLLECTION vol.3 kid 0060~3 Soundtrack, Arrangement
    10.14 Memories Off ~Sorekara~ for windows - sofmap Special Promotion CD kid 0051S Soundtrack
    09.23 Minna de Tsukuru Memo-Off CD!! Part 2 SCDC-00369~70 Drama
    05.09 Minna de Tsukuru Memo-Off CD! SCDC-00174 Drama
    02.18 Memories Off Drama CD "Omoide no Partita" SCDC-00325 Drama
    01.21 Memories Off Drama Club 4th Performance 'Magical Beautiful Girl☆Takano-chan!' SCDC-00324 Drama


    10.22 Memories Off Drama Club 3rd Performance 'Tartar Quest' SCDC-00298 Drama
    10.22 Memories Off Piano Collection Part 2 SCDC-00299 Arrangement
    09.26 Game Vocal Best: Chiyomaru Shikura Music Collection Vol.2 KICA-1308 Vocal
    08.06 Memories Off Drama Club 2nd Performance 'Koyomi's Counterattack' SCDC-00282 Drama
    07.16 KID MUSIC MUSEUM VOL.1 PICA-7069 Soundtrack
    05.21 Memories Off Drama Club 1st Performance 'Treasure Hunter Makoto!' SCDC-00262 Drama


    11.20 Memories Off Piano Collection Part 1 SCDC-00222 Arrangement
    07.24 Dear Melodies "Heal" ~Scitron Discs Girls Vocal Best Selection~ SCDC-00197 Vocal
    07.24 Dear Melodies "Leaf" ~Scitron Discs Girls Vocal Best Selection~ SCDC-00196 Vocal
    05.31 Memories Off - Answering Machine Memories 05 - Koyomi Kirishima Compilation kid 0020 Drama
    03.30 Memories Off - Answering Machine Memories 04 - Minamo Ibuki Compilation kid 0019 Drama
    02.20 Memories Off First Concert SCDC-00159~62 Vocal, Drama, Talk, Live Event


    12.24 Memories Off - Answering Machine Memories 03 - Kaoru Otowa Compilation kid 0015 Drama
    11.16 Memories Off - Answering Machine Memories 02 - Yue Imasaka Compilation kid 0014 Drama
    10.11 Memories Off Bridge SCDC-00131 Drama
    10.10 Memories Off - Answering Machine Memories 01 - Shion Futami Compilation kid 0009 Drama
    07.04 Memories Off Complete Box SCDC-00107~12 Soundtrack, Vocal, Drama
    05.09 Memories Off Maxi Single Collection Vol.6 To Become a Star / Minamo Ibuki with Collection Box SCDC-00080 Soundtrack, Arrangement, Vocal, Drama
    04.11 Memories Off Maxi Single Collection Vol.5 When Will the Rain End? / Yue Imasaka SCDC-00075 Soundtrack, Arrangement, Vocal, Drama
    03.07 Memories Off Maxi Single Collection Vol.4 Thank you Boy ~ Profile of Summer / Koyomi Kirishima SCDC-00070 Soundtrack, Arrangement, Vocal, Drama
    02.07 Memories Off Maxi Single Collection Vol.3 Dazzling / Kaoru Otowa SCDC-00063 Soundtrack, Arrangement, Vocal, Drama
    01.11 Memories Off Maxi Single Collection Vol.2 Memories of a Rainy Day / Shion Futami SCDC-00059 Soundtrack, Arrangement, Vocal, Drama


    12.06 Memories Off Maxi Single Collection Vol.1 Near and Far / Ayaka Hizuki SCDC-00051 Soundtrack, Arrangement, Vocal, Drama
    05.25 Memories Off Drama CD SCDC-00016 Drama


    12.18 Memories Off SCDC-00002 Soundtrack, Drama



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