Mega Man 3

ロックマン3 Dr.ワイリーの最期!?
Rockman 3: Dr. Wily no Saigo!?
Submitted by seanne on Aug 8, 2013 09:31 AM



Music: Bunbun, Harumi Fujita



12.16 Multiplayer 5: Connection MPCH-006 Fan Arrange
12.?? Mega Man 1-11: The Collection LMLP039 Soundtrack
10.?? Child album Mega Man 3 SIR037 Fan Arrange
07.30 Mega Man 3 N/A Fan Arrange
06.07 Mega Buster Vol. 1 N/A Fan Arrange
05.23 Freebies for Streaming ME-013 Fan Arrange
05.23 Volume 4 ME-014 Fan Arrange
02.18 Classical Games in Concert N/A Unclassified
01.18 MENU: An Homage to Game Title Themes MCOL-0177 Fan Arrange


10.31 Candy Corn III: Direct to Video OCRI-0013 Fan Arrange
09.20 Rockman 1-3 Sound Collection CPLA-1101 Soundtrack
08.21 I Don't Byte N/A Fan Arrange
05.15 Continue? N/A Fan Arrange
05.11 C-Busters: A Tribute to Mega Man Classic MCOL-0092 Fan Arrange
03.02 Mega Man 3 N/A Fan Arrange
01.17 Rebirth: 2017 Covers N/A Fan Arrange


12.16 Mega Man - 30th Anniversary Remix Album N/A Fan Arrange


12.29 Primary Box 9 MKPB-09 Fan Arrange
12.?? All the Way Through 2016 N/A Fan Arrange
11.29 Restart N/A Fan Arrange
08.07 Video Games Live: Bonus Round 3 N/A Fan Arrange
03.11 H1sc0re EP N/A Fan Arrange
02.03 Launch N/A Fan Arrange
02.03 Launch N/A Fan Arrange


10.26 Live at Columbia Theatre N/A Arrange, Live Event
10.25 Reunion CPCD-0020 Fan Arrange
06.21 ROCKLOVE 4 CPCD-0019 Fan Arrange
05.11 Remix Dat Retro N/A Fan Arrange
04.23 Lullaby Renditions of Classic Nintendo Music - Volume 2 N/A Fan Arrange
03.08 No Continues N/A Fan Arrange, Vocal
01.28 Super Fami-Compi XNAR-10039 Remix
01.14 ROCKMAN UTOPIA CPCA-10376 Arrange


12.30 ROCKLOVE 3 CPCD-0018 Fan Arrange
10.29 Child album Rockman Sound Box CPCA-10352~61 Soundtrack
07.19 The Ad Lib Collection N/A Unclassified
07.13 The Mushroom Variety Show N/A Fan Arrange
06.18 VGM Opus 1 N/A Fan Arrange, Vocal
04.09 The Greatest Bits - Mega Man 3 N/A Fan Arrange


12.31 Megarock Carnival EXTEND EXCD-EX07 Fan Arrange
10.19 Mega Man 3 - Turn of Events Remastered N/A Fan Arrange
10.10 Free ReMix Collection N/A Fan Arrange
10.01 BadAss: Boss Themes: Volume II OCRA-0043 Fan Arrange
09.16 World 1-2: The Complete Collection N/A Fan Arrange
09.15 World 1-2: Encore LOUDR-1159 Fan Arrange
07.11 VGM Acapella: Volume 2 JOY-924 Fan Arrange
06.29 RCT Album RCT-001 Fan Arrange
06.29 Megarock Carnival EZCD-EX06 Fan Arrange
04.29 NELL×ROCK NLMD-0006 Fan Arrange
04.29 R-25th Arrange CD [Mega Music Mix] CPCD-0014 Fan Arrange
04.22 Mega Man 3 Official Soundtrack N/A Soundtrack
04.13 Super Psyguy Bros. 3 N/A Fan Arrange
02.12 III N/A Fan Arrange
01.03 Armcannon 3: Leg Vacuum 2 N/A Unclassified


12.19 We are ROCK-MEN!2 CPCA-10283 Arrange
12.19 ROCKMAN HOLIC ~the 25th Anniversary~ VTCL-60322 Arrange, Vocal
12.10 Best of Hyde209 Vol 1. N/A Fan Arrange
12.01 Mega Man 3 Remade N/A Fan Arrange
12.?? Fly on a Dog DLN-07 Fan Arrange, Vocal
10.28 Give me ENERGY! N/A Fan Arrange
10.10 25th Anniversary Rockman Techno Arrange Ver. KDSD-00581 Arrange
10.10 25th Anniversary Rockman Rock Arrange Ver. KDSD-00580 Arrange
09.19 ROCKCAN Sound E Can (Rockman 25th Anniversary) CPCA-10264~73 Soundtrack
07.28 Reminiscence of Video Games Vol.1 -Famicom- PMMCD-002 Fan Arrange
06.30 History Repeating: Blue DLN-06 Fan Arrange
06.19 Mega Band SIR027 Fan Arrange
06.13 Famicom Dinner GMCD-0003 Fan Arrange
05.?? Bits of Me N/A Fan Arrange
03.15 NES Jams UBI043 Fan Arrange
01.31 SNAKE MAN <vs> The World: Rockman Arrange EP N/A Fan Remix
01.26 HELLHOUND N/A Unclassified


12.06 BadAss: Boss Themes OCRA-0030 Fan Arrange
10.31 Forever Famicom DLC 2 NSP-019 Fan Remix, Vocal
09.21 We are ROCK-MEN! CPCA-10248 Arrange
08.13 EtlanZ Special Disc 2011 -10th Anniversary- ETZCD-SP04 Fan Arrange
08.07 THR Tunes N/A Fan Arrange
05.19 What if This CD... DIDN'T Have Lyrics? N/A Fan Arrange
05.01 Rockman Club Arrange CD [R-cycle] CPCD-1003 Fan Arrange
05.01 ROCKLOVE 2 CPCD-0011 Fan Arrange
04.?? The brentalfloss G-Rated Karaoke track pack! N/A Fan Arrange
03.25 Mega Man: The Robot Museum OCRA-0024 Fan Arrange
01.13 MEGA DRIVE [Limited Edition] Y200X-USB Fan Arrange
01.07 Mega Man Renaissance KM-MULTI001 Fan Arrange
??.?? The Grand Robot Master Remix Battle 2011 N/A Fan Arrange
??.?? The Wily Castle Remix Gauntlet 2011 N/A Fan Arrange


12.15 Distant Memories Once Lost (Bright Reflections) N/A Fan Arrange
12.15 Distant Memories Once Lost (Dark Reflections) N/A Fan Arrange
11.23 PuD'S DuDs POD-001 Fan Arrange, Vocal
10.20 Rockman Famicom Series Arrange Album ROCKMAN Kai Arrange Shite Mita!! CPCA-10221 Unclassified
10.19 Child album VIDEO GAMES LIVE N/A Unclassified
10.19 VIDEO GAMES LIVE: LEVEL 2 SF 12324 Unclassified
09.07 B-Sides Anthology N/A Fan Arrange
07.20 Sparked a War DLN-05 Fan Arrange
07.09 Down Right Heavy N/A Fan Arrange
06.18 Mega Ran v.1.3 N/A Fan Remix, Vocal
05.05 Let's Play NEW GAME!! CKCD0002 Fan Arrange
04.26 What If This CD...Had Lyrics? FLOSS 01 Fan Arrange
04.15 Nintendo Metal N/A Fan Arrange
??.?? The Grand Robot Master Remix Battle 2010 N/A Fan Arrange


12.16 Jingle All The Way OUS EP-07 Fan Arrange
10.15 Chiptuned Rockman INTIR-015 Arrange
06.30 8-Bit Democracy (Capitalist Edition) liecd03 Fan Arrange
05.12 8-Bit Democracy (Socialist Edition) N/A Fan Arrange
05.02 In The Year 200X AD N/A Fan Arrange
03.?? Mario EP N/A Fan Arrange
03.?? Level Up! N/A Fan Arrange
01.15 Nintendo Dance Dance Revolution!!! N/A Fan Arrange


11.01 8-Bit Diagrams 859702540037 Unclassified
09.02 The OneUps Volume 2 OUS-005 Fan Arrange
08.16 Ensou Shitemita 1 TAM3-0033 Fan Arrange, Vocal
08.16 We Are Error N/A Fan Arrange
06.15 ROCKMAN DE SHIRITORI FVCD-0005 Fan Arrange
02.29 Child album LEG VACUUM N/A Fan Arrange
02.11 Living Under A Chip WIZ004 Fan Arrange
01.03 LEG VACUUM N/A Fan Arrange
??.?? Influences N/A Fan Arrange


12.19 20th Anniversary Rockman 1~6 Techno Arrange Ver. KDSD-00174 Unclassified
12.05 20th Anniversary Rockman 1~6 Rock Arrange Ver. KDSD-00173 Unclassified
10.08 R.O.C.K.MAN MTCD-0001 Fan Arrange
10.08 Is He Really In The Mood To Cooperate? NKN-0001 Unclassified
10.08 ROCK LOVE CPCD-0004 Fan Arrange
09.12 Super Entertainment System N/A Fan Arrange
08.17 MEGA BEAT RUSH!! 49CD-0003 Fan Arrange
08.17 Rock Beat 2 LGCD0005 Fan Arrange
08.17 Rockman no Kusuri CNCD-0005 Fan Arrange
08.17 Diverse vs 8bit 2 DVSP-0042 Fan Arrange
06.19 Mega Ran (Mega Deluxe Edition) 842841052202 Fan Remix, Vocal
06.12 Mega Ran N/A Fan Remix, Vocal
04.29 Rockbuster CPCD-0002 Fan Arrange
04.27 Attack the Game FINAL N/A Fan Arrange
03.19 The Mustin Collection OUS EP-00 Fan Arrange, Vocal
01.14 PMD Mega42 Fan Arrange
??.?? 3rd Source Collection N/A Fan Arrange


12.31 MEGALOMANIA DMCD-0001 Fan Arrange
10.28 Select Start 837101241939 Fan Arrange
08.14 Kaion Shugi: Retro Game Volume IWAM-14 Fan Arrange, Vocal
07.20 The Computer Always Cheats N/A Fan Arrange
07.?? ROCKMAN & Roll 3 N/A Fan Arrange
05.12 Get Equipped With Kid Overdrive N/A Fan Arrange
03.11 Mega Band SIR?01 Unclassified
01.29 Rock Beat LGCD0001 Fan Arrange
??.?? I Eat Serials In the Morning N/A Fan Arrange
??.?? PWNT In The USA N/A Fan Arrange
??.?? Underwear: SO BIG! N/A Fan Arrange


06.23 Nintendosploitation liecd02 Fan Arrange
??.?? Vintageworks N/A Fan Arrange


10.03 Rockman Best Collection Vol.1 Road to X EZCD-0010 Fan Arrange
08.?? Sex, Drugs N' Nintendo liecd01 Fan Arrange
04.06 The Advantage ger028 Fan Arrange
01.31 The Adventures of... DJ NES CR-003 Fan Arrange
??.?? Berserker / The NESkimos N/A Fan Arrange
??.?? Intense Gameplay Action N/A Fan Arrange


08.17 Retro chromosomes MFCD-005 Fan Arrange
01.?? In the Year 20XX... N/A Fan Arrange


12.30 Game Music Battle ManiaX "Complete Edition" EZCD-0006 Fan Arrange
09.20 Capcom Music Generation Family Computer Soundtracks Rockman 1~6 CPCA-1064~6 Soundtrack
06.19 Child album Rockman in the Nick of Time CPCA-1057 Unclassified
06.16 Family Computer Midi Best Collection Vol.1 EZCD-0002 Fan Arrange
??.?? Nintendo Metal N/A Fan Arrange, Vocal


??.?? Project X - Mega Man 3 PX-001 Fan Arrange


03.08 Rockman in the Nick of Time SRCL-3127 Unclassified



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