MOTHER2 ギーグの逆襲
MOTHER2 Gyiyg no Gyakushuu
MOTHER2 Gyiyg Strikes Back
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Release Date
August 27, 1994
Ape Inc. / / , HAL Laboratory / /
Nintendo / /






1994-07-27 MOTHER2 Gyiyg no Gyakushuu / / Japan SNES (Super Famicom)
1995-06-05 EarthBound / / U.S. SNES (Super Famicom)


    Music / Keiichi Suzuki / , Hirokazu Tanaka /
    Sound Director / Hirokazu Tanaka /
    Sound Programmer / Hirokazu Tanaka /
    Additional Music Composed by / Hiroshi Kanazu / , Toshiyuki Ueno /
    Sound Staff / Toshiyuki Ueno / , Kozue Ishikawa /
    Rock Guitar / M.D.Seeger
    Sound Producers / Akio Ohmori / , Ritsuo Kamimura /


    Music by Keiichi Suzuki, Hirokazu Tanaka
    Sound Director: Hirokazu Tanaka
    Sound Programmer: Hirokazu Tanaka
    Additional Music Composed by Hiroshi Kanazu, Toshiyuki Ueno
    Sound Staff: Toshiyuki Ueno, Kozue Ishikawa
    Opening Rock Guitar: M.D.Seeger
    Sound Producers: Akio Ohmori, Ritsuo Kamimura



    11.10 Game Changer N/A Fan Arrangement, Vocal
    08.02 Super Sound Series, Vol.4 N/A Fan Arrangement


    12.19 Mode 8 N/A Fan Arrangement, Vocal
    09.09 Brass Effect N/A Fan Arrangement
    09.09 Brass Effect N/A Fan Arrangement
    09.02 Summers: A Lo-fi Tribute to EarthBound N/A Fan Arrangement, Vocal
    04.28 Methouse vol.2 (updateable) N/A Fan Arrangement
    03.01 Child album B-Sides N/A Fan Arrangement
    02.?? Boundless N/A Fan Arrangement


    12.31 Game Remix, Assortment N/A Fan Arrangement
    10.28 8 STRING VGM GUITAR COLLECTIONS: 1 N/A Fan Arrangement
    10.21 Under Covers N/A Fan Arrangement
    08.11 Boundless N/A Fan Arrangement
    03.19 The Fast N/A Fan Arrangement, Vocal
    02.14 X N/A Fan Arrangement
    02.10 Child album MOTHER 2 Gyiyg no Gyakushuu [Limited Edition] MHJL-177~8 Soundtrack, Arrangement
    02.01 Anima: VG Covers Vol. 5 N/A Fan Arrangement


    12.?? Child album Forever Famicom: Diamond Edition N/A Fan Remix, Vocal
    11.25 Super Sound Series, Vol.1 N/A Fan Arrangement
    11.14 ULTIMATE N/A Fan Arrangement
    08.15 Child album Brassino Isles Tropical Cruise: A Video Game Getaway with Friends N/A Fan Arrangement
    08.03 Forever Famicom: Diamond Edition N/A Fan Remix, Vocal
    07.17 Brassino Isles Tropical Cruise: A Video Game Getaway with Friends N/A Fan Arrangement
    06.05 Fuzzy Pickles GLARK-0003 Fan Arrangement
    05.01 B-Sides ME-015 Fan Arrangement
    04.10 Those Who Fight N/A Fan Arrangement
    01.09 Duels N/A Fan Arrangement, Vocal
    01.07 Super Smash Band: Heroes N/A Fan Arrangement


    07.19 Summer VGM N/A Fan Arrangement
    06.15 Nintendo Legends - Part I N/A Fan Arrangement
    06.?? Mother Fucking Earthbound debug-001 Fan Arrangement
    05.23 Freebies for Streaming ME-013 Fan Arrangement
    05.21 SNES Classics 1 N/A Fan Arrangement
    05.03 Mother Fucking Earthbound N/A Fan Arrangement
    03.03 Totino's® Presents High Quality Video Game Rips Provided By Hinchy To Be Uploaded By SiIvaGunner (NEW FUNKY MODE): The Platinum Collection - Volume 2 (Featuring Pizza Rolls from the Sonic Series) N/A Fan Remix
    02.09 Acoustic VGM Vol 7 N/A Fan Arrangement
    01.17 Let's Play - The Cover Collection Vol.8 N/A Fan Arrangement


    12.07 VIDEO GAMES LIVE: LEVEL 6 N/A Unclassified
    12.07 Video Games Live: BONUS ROUND 4 N/A Arrangement
    12.03 Snowtopia MCOL-0172 Fan Arrangement
    11.15 Smaaaash!! An Earthbound Album N/A Fan Arrangement
    10.02 Year 6 N/A Fan Arrangement
    08.24 Dawn N/A Fan Arrangement
    05.31 Press Start! N/A Fan Arrangement
    04.29 Ultra Hyper Grooving Game Music Vol.1 N/A Fan Arrangement
    04.06 The Underground 001 Fan Arrangement
    03.11 Café VGM N/A Fan Arrangement
    01.01 Motherlode N/A Fan Arrangement


    12.18 The Winter Collection N/A Fan Arrangement
    10.29 MOTHER Piano Melodies N/A Fan Arrangement
    10.29 Re:Quest N/A Fan Arrangement
    10.03 Videogame Music Revised N/A Fan Arrangement
    09.20 Timeline 00013 Fan Arrangement
    09.20 Child album Timeline MCOL-0058 Fan Arrangement
    06.14 Video Game Music Acapella: Volume 4 N/A Fan Arrangement, Vocal
    04.06 TRAPped Inside The System: REDUX DLC 2 N/A Fan Arrangement
    01.20 Chaos Theatre N/A Fan Arrangement
    01.13 Melodies of Morningside N/A Fan Arrangement
    01.13 Smooth McGroove Remixed Volume II N/A Remix
    01.05 Arc Impulse N/A Fan Arrangement


    12.31 Postcard ~Sinking All Out Saturn~ SBFR-0069~70 Fan Arrangement
    12.21 THE LEGENDARY SYMPHONIC SUITE / JAGMO [Limited Edition] SICL-30031~3 Live Event
    12.20 GameLark Gifts N/A Fan Arrangement
    12.05 AHlbum 1 N/A Fan Arrangement
    12.02 VGM, Vol. 4 N/A Fan Arrangement
    11.26 Psychokinetic EarthBound Album Part 2 N/A Fan Arrangement
    11.25 Psychokinetic EarthBound Album Part 1 N/A Fan Arrangement
    11.25 Psychokinetic EarthBound Album ME-009 Fan Arrangement
    10.03 Stritch's Brew N/A Fan Arrangement
    09.07 VGM Covers, Vol. I N/A Fan Arrangement
    08.31 Child album Welcome To Warp Zone! PR14 Fan Arrangement
    08.26 The Best of SNES N/A Fan Arrangement
    07.20 TRAPped Inside The System: REDUX DLC 1 N/A Fan Arrangement
    07.09 GilvaSunner's Highest Quality Video Game Rips: Volume FOUR HOURS! N/A Fan Remix
    05.08 7 GRAND MOTHER N/A Fan Remix
    04.26 EarthBIG N/A Fan Remix
    02.19 Part Seven ME-008 Fan Arrangement
    02.18 Super Soul Bros. Live at Poor House N/A Fan Arrangement, Live Event
    01.16 VGM Vol. 1: Bears vs. Tigers N/A Fan Arrangement
    01.?? MOTHER 2 Gyiyg no Gyakushuu STS-007 Soundtrack, Arrangement


    12.06 Heart of a Gamer: A Tribute to Satoru Iwata OCRI-0008 Fan Arrangement
    11.06 Prescription for Peace: A Tribute to the Departed SMRC-1010 Fan Arrangement
    10.26 Live at Columbia Theatre N/A Fan Arrangement, Live Event
    08.21 VGM Acapella: Volume 7 N/A Fan Arrangement
    08.16 MY LITTLE ADVENTURE N/A Fan Arrangement
    08.?? Dwelling of Duels 2015-08: Satoru Iwata Month N/A Fan Arrangement
    07.20 VGM, Vol. 3 N/A Fan Arrangement
    07.04 TRAPped Inside The System: Original Version N/A Fan Arrangement
    06.30 Best 8-bit Hits (Volume 1) N/A Fan Arrangement
    06.27 The Power to Destroy Everything N/A Fan Arrangement
    06.13 Concert Super Nintendo N/A Arrangement, Live Event
    04.24 Best Of NoteBlockRemix Volume 1 N/A Fan Arrangement
    04.20 Welcome To Warp Zone! PR14 Fan Arrangement


    12.30 EtlanZ Special Disc Super Famicom Best Unreleased Collection SP07 Fan Arrangement
    12.21 An OverClocked Christmas v.8 N/A Fan Arrangement
    12.11 Super VG Christmas Party N/A Fan Arrangement
    10.26 20TH MEMORIES N/A Fan Arrangement
    10.26 boss9624 N/A Fan Arrangement
    08.15 PK Rockin' N/A Fan Arrangement
    07.12 Multiplayer: A Tribute to Video Games MPCH-001 Fan Arrangement
    06.27 Professor Layton & the Bay Harbor Butcher N/A Fan Arrangement
    06.18 VGM Opus 1 N/A Fan Arrangement, Vocal


    12.25 THE BRIGGS EFFECT III N/A Fan Arrangement
    12.17 IT'S THE REEMIXX N/A Fan Arrangement
    11.19 halc's NOSTALGIA canon: a video game music tribute N/A Fan Arrangement
    11.16 Video Game Variations 2 LOUDR-1274 Fan Arrangement
    09.?? Forever Famicom BRK CS1 Fan Remix, Vocal
    07.19 Super Soul Bros. Live at San Pedro Sq. N/A Fan Arrangement, Live Event
    07.06 Child album Super Soul Bros. Live at San Pedro Sq. N/A Fan Arrangement, Live Event
    02.15 Video Game Variations JOY-570 Fan Arrangement
    01.13 SFC Image3 N/A Fan Arrangement
    ??.?? A Taste of OCR Volume 1 N/A Fan Arrangement


    12.31 Primary Box 3 MKPB-03 Fan Arrangement
    09.30 32X-Bit Nostalgia N/A Fan Arrangement
    08.11 Mother1+2 Club Arrange CD [Mother Notes] N/A Fan Arrangement, Vocal
    05.31 Super Soul Bros. Live at Iggy's N/A Fan Arrangement, Live Event
    05.28 Super Soul Bros. Live at Iggy's N/A Fan Arrangement
    04.30 ToyBox N/A Fan Arrangement
    04.30 MOTHER NOTES N/A Fan Arrangement
    03.01 Vocal Pack N/A Fan Arrangement
    01.05 GAMECHOPS Volume 2 N/A Fan Remix
    ??.?? This Album Stinks Remastered N/A Fan Arrangement


    10.?? Taste My Power N/A Fan Arrangement
    03.28 Super Nintendo Sega Genesis N/A Fan Remix
    01.13 GAMECHOPS VOLUME 1 N/A Fan Remix
    01.11 Eight Melodies CNR-026 Fan Arrangement


    12.31 Ruler ~The Light in the Sky is Saturn~ SBFR-0020 Fan Arrangement
    10.31 9624 The FREE N/A Fan Arrangement
    06.02 Keiichi Suzuki: Music for Films and Games / Original Soundtracks MHCL-1759 Soundtrack
    06.01 Forever Famicom NSP-009 Fan Remix, Vocal
    05.05 AC Adapter KICK-OFF! 2 GNCD-03 Fan Arrangement
    01.01 Bacon EP. [Digital Edition] N/A Fan Arrangement


    11.04 EXIT TRANCE PRESENTS FamiTrance EX QWCE-00133 Remix
    11.01 Child album Retro Remix Revue: Volume 2 RRR-2 Fan Arrangement
    09.08 Retro Remix Revue: Volume 2 N/A Fan Arrangement
    08.15 Mother Sounds e.p.2 N/A Fan Arrangement
    05.05 THE Invadance!!! INDL-0003 Fan Arrangement
    05.05 GAME!! LRCD-008 Fan Arrangement
    01.01 Bacon EP. N/A Fan Arrangement


    12.29 NTD Melodies Connection β SSEB-0007 Fan Arrangement
    08.16 Entertainment System 64 N/A Fan Arrangement
    07.03 A History of Crakatude N/A Fan Arrangement, Fan Remix, Vocal
    ??.?? Freshly Baked ReMixer Challenge 2008 FBRC2008 Fan Arrangement


    12.31 MOTHER +LOVE 2 SHCD-0011~2 Fan Arrangement
    12.31 Protractor ~Saturnian Go Home~ SBFR-0011 Fan Arrangement
    12.31 Higawari Teishoku Saka-ROW Team Solo CD ~Sakebu Disc~ KMNR-0002 Fan Arrangement
    04.30 A Classic of Arcade Shooting mega043 Fan Arrangement
    03.19 The Mustin Collection OUS EP-00 Fan Arrangement, Vocal


    10.?? MOTHER +LOVE SHCD-0005 Fan Arrangement
    08.20 Bound Together: ReBound - An EarthBound Remix Project N/A Fan Arrangement
    08.13 OTONOISHI 2 AECD-003 Fan Arrangement
    04.29 SOBAT OF SAMUS N/A Fan Arrangement


    12.31 OTONOISHI RACD-001 Fan Arrangement
    10.31 Bound Together - An EarthBound Remix Project N/A Fan Arrangement
    ??.?? Happy Drive! Promotion Disk AECD-001 Fan Arrangement


    08.15 Tropica -2004 Summer- RXCD-0079 Fan Arrangement
    08.15 Meido Koushinkyoku FOCD-0004~5 Fan Arrangement
    04.18 Meido Koushinkyoku [First Pressing] FOCD-0003 Fan Arrangement
    02.18 Child album MOTHER 2 Gyiyg no Gyakushuu MHCL-342 Soundtrack, Arrangement


    08.20 MOTHER 1+2 Original Soundtrack TOCT-25125 Arrangement
    ??.?? Now You're Playing With Powar AFX 63 Fan Arrangement
    ??.?? Family CoMcert Vol.2 N/A Fan Arrangement


    11.02 MOTHER 2: Gyiyg no Gyakushuu SRCL-3024 Soundtrack, Arrangement
    09.?? Super Famicom Magazine Volume 22: New Game Sound Museum TIM-SFC22 Soundtrack


    12.22 GAME MUSIC CONCERT 3 by Symphony Orchestra SRCL-2732 Arrangement, Live Event


    11.28 Game Music Concert 2 -The Best Selection- WPCL-709 Arrangement, Live Event



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