Romancing SaGa 2

ロマンシング サ・ガ2
Romancing Sa·Ga 2
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1993-12-10 Romancing Sa・Ga 2 / / Japan SNES (Super Famicom)


    Composer / Kenji Ito /
    Sound Effects / Yasunori Mitsuda /
    Sound Staff / Kazumi Mitome / , Yasumasa Okamoto / , Tamio Otomo / , 栗原直人
    Sound Program / Minoru Akao /
    Special Assistance / Nobuo Uematsu /



    11.17 Orchestral SaGa Live Disc SQEX-20084 Arrangement, Live Event, Video
    09.30 OPENING Tracks 1987-1996 SQEX-10895 Soundtrack
    07.28 Orchestral SaGa SQEX-10883 Arrangement
    04.25 Ultra Hyper Grooving Game Music LIVE N/A Fan Arrangement, Live Event
    02.17 DESTINY 8 - SaGa Band Arrangement Album SQEX-10832 Arrangement


    09.24 Romancing SaGa Orchestra Festival LIVE CD SQEX-11082~3 Arrangement, Live Event
    01.29 Romancing SaGa 2 Original Soundtrack Revival Disc SQEX-20073 Soundtrack


    04.28 SQUARE ENIX MUSIC 15th Anniversary Arrangement Selection 2004-2019 SQEX-10713 Unclassified


    12.19 SQUARE ENIX JAZZ Vol.2 SQEX-10699 Arrangement
    11.25 STORIA Record Concert #1 SQEX-10697 Unclassified
    04.?? SQUARE ENIX MUSIC CONCERT SELECTION SQEX-10664 Arrangement, Live Event
    03.14 Re:Tune Romancing SaGa BATTLE ARRANGE SQEX-10641 Arrangement


    12.15 SaGa Orchestra Concert 2016 SQEX-10587~8 Arrangement
    01.27 The Travelers MCOL-0022 Fan Arrangement


    04.24 SaGa Violin TAM3-0143 Fan Arrangement
    03.23 The Orchestral SaGa -Legend of Music- SQEX-10542~3 Arrangement
    03.23 The Orchestral SaGa -Legend of Music- SQUARE ENIX e-STORE Bonus CD SQEX-10546 Arrangement


    09.17 Sa・Ga Field & Character Theme Music collection SQEX-10514~5 Soundtrack
    09.17 Sa・Ga Last Battle Music collection SQEX-10513 Soundtrack
    07.18 SAGA 25th ANNIVERSARY SOUND EFFECTS CD SQEX-10504 Sound Effect


    10.26 Mythologia CLPJ-0013 Fan Arrangement
    07.16 Romancing SaGa 2 Original Soundtrack -REMASTER- SQEX-10438 Soundtrack
    05.28 Kazu SQ Non-Stop Mix!!!! "S" SQEX-10440 Remix
    02.26 Re:Birth II -Sen- / "SaGa" BATTLE ARRANGE SQEX-10428 Arrangement


    12.11 Video Game Music Collection 2012-2013 N/A Fan Arrangement
    04.09 MUSIC SYSTEM 2013 N/A Fan Arrangement


    12.31 Knight in Gale DMCD-0016 Fan Arrangement
    09.20 SQUARE ENIX Sound Effect Collection 2 SQEX-10342 Sound Effect
    08.29 Re:Birth II / Romancing SaGa Battle Arrange SQEX-10327 Arrangement
    07.04 Battle SQ SQEX-10314 Arrangement
    07.04 Battle SQ [Limited Edition] SQEX-10312~3 Arrangement
    ??.?? SQUARE ENIX PIANO ALBUM N/A Fan Arrangement


    12.31 LEGACY COLLECTION 02 -Unmei ni Yasuragi wo- EZCD-EX04 Fan Arrangement
    11.23 Cafe SQ SQEX-10276 Arrangement
    10.30 S-studio2 Sound Collection 2001-2011 Vol.3 "square-side" SSLA-0003 Fan Arrangement
    08.13 Avalon Breaks E.P. ABCD008 Fan Arrangement
    08.13 EtlanZ Special Disc 2011 -10th Anniversary- ETZCD-SP04 Fan Arrangement
    04.01 Crystal Chronicle FSRD-0012~3 Fan Arrangement
    01.01 SaGa Battle Track Compilation SQEX-10220 Soundtrack


    12.31 CLOISTER OF MEMORIES N/A Fan Arrangement
    05.05 SaGa Series Arrange Album: Romancie CLPJ-0007 Fan Arrangement


    10.11 Koremo Ikimono no SaGa ka ... N/A Fan Arrangement
    08.26 SQUARE ENIX SaGa Series 20th Anniversary Original Soundtrack -PREMIUM BOX- SQEX-10145~65 Soundtrack, Video
    03.08 Zenbu Miku N/A Fan Arrangement, Vocal


    10.13 Final Letter RCCD-1010~1 Unclassified
    10.13 dialogue ~Romanced Fate~ Muse-0005 Fan Arrangement
    08.16 6th TAMUSIC Concert TAM3-0032 Fan Arrangement
    03.08 Child album Romancing SaGa 2 Complete Sound Collection ~SC-88Pro Edition~ Ver.2008 JMCD0011 Fan Arrangement
    ??.?? JMMIDI BEST HITS -Ending Collection- Ver.2008 JMCD0108 Fan Arrangement


    12.31 Power Raise AECD-010 Fan Arrangement, Fan Remix
    10.08 La Vita CLPJ-0003 Fan Arrangement
    10.08 Over The Fields And Far Away N/A Fan Arrangement
    08.17 JMMIDI BEST OF BEST HITS JMCD0021~2 Fan Arrangement
    08.17 HIGHSPEED ∇ DMCD-0002 Fan Arrangement
    05.09 SQUARE ENIX BATTLE TRACKS Vol.1 SQUARE 1987-1996 SQEX-10097 Soundtrack, Remix
    04.29 Requiem CLPJ-0002 Fan Arrangement
    04.29 cd ~classic dressy~ RCCD-1006 Fan Arrangement
    04.01 SaGa Remix Best RYTH-0006 Fan Remix
    ??.?? 3rd Source Collection N/A Fan Arrangement


    12.31 Battle guy BM-02 Fan Arrangement
    08.22 Square Enix Music Powered Vol.2 POWERDN02-HUROKU Soundtrack
    08.13 S TPCD-0023 Fan Arrangement
    06.21 Kenji Ito Piano Works Collection ~Everlasting Melodies~ SCDC-00516 Arrangement
    05.28 maxi RCCD-1002 Fan Arrangement
    04.29 The Last Testament ~Romancing SaGa~ MTSC-4 Fan Arrangement
    ??.?? BLACK BOX ICSS-0001 Fan Arrangement


    08.14 Wayfarer HSCD-0004 Fan Arrangement
    08.14 Child album JMMIDI Best Hits Battle Collection ~Complete Edition~ Ver.2005 JMCP0009~10 Fan Arrangement
    08.14 SAGA CONTINUES RRCD-002 Fan Arrangement
    06.13 JMMIDI Best Hits -Relaxation Tracks- ~Natural~ JMCD0018 Fan Arrangement
    05.01 JMMIDI Best Hits -Relaxation Tracks- ~Prelude~ '05 M3 Edition JMCD0017 Fan Arrangement
    04.21 Kenji Ito × SaGa Battle Music Collection + ROMA-0001 Soundtrack


    10.01 Child album Romancing SaGa 2 Eternal Romance NTCP-5039 Arrangement
    10.01 Child album Romancing SaGa 2 Original Sound Version NTCP-5038 Soundtrack
    08.15 Square Best Series Vol.5 Best collection of SaGa EZCD-0009 Fan Arrangement
    05.02 Provoke -Romancing SaGa Remix- RYTH-0002 Fan Arrangement


    11.04 Romancing SaGa 2 Complete Sound Collection ~SC-88Pro Edition~ JMCD0011 Fan Arrangement
    10.12 Re:Birth RXCD-0078 Fan Arrangement
    08.17 Child album JMMIDI Best Hits 1 Ver.2003 JMCD0003 Fan Arrangement
    08.17 JMMIDI Best Hits 2 Ver.2003 JMCD0004 Fan Arrangement
    05.04 JMMIDI Best Hits Battle Collection ~Complete Edition~ JMCD0009~10 Fan Arrangement
    03.16 Insanity and Destruction MSCD-0015 Fan Arrangement
    02.21 Romancing SaGa 1 2 3 Battle Themes Collection AGCD-30221 Fan Arrangement


    12.30 JMMIDI Best Hits -Ending Collection- JMCD0008 Fan Arrangement
    12.30 Kaion Shugi: Square Volume 4 IWAM-06 Fan Arrangement


    12.30 Square Best Series Vol.1 Romancing SaGa Best collection EZCD-0001 Fan Arrangement
    08.10 JMMIDI Best Hits Battle Collection JMCD05 Fan Arrangement


    12.30 JMMIDI Best Hits 2 N/A Fan Arrangement
    08.12 JMMIDI Best Hits 1 N/A Fan Arrangement


    11.25 Child album Romancing SaGa 2 Eternal Romance PSCN-5039 Arrangement
    11.25 Child album Romancing SaGa 2 Original Sound Version PSCN-5038 Soundtrack
    ??.?? HAOH Game Music Special N/A Soundtrack


    02.21 Romancing SaGa 2 Eternal Romance N30D-025 Arrangement
    01.?? Super Famicom Magazine January News Volume Special Supplement TIM-SFC13 Soundtrack


    12.03 Romancing SaGa 2 Original Sound Version N25D-022 Soundtrack
    12.01 Super Famicom Magazine December News Volume Special Supplement TIM-SFC12 Soundtrack


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