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September 15, 2015
Toby Fox






2018-9-15 Undertale / / JPY (Japan) Nintendo Switch
2017-8-15 Undertale / / USD (U.S.) Sony PlayStation 4
2017-8-15 Undertale / / USD (U.S.) Sony PlayStation Vita
2015-9-15 Undertale / / USD (U.S.) PC
2015-9-15 Undertale / / EUR (Europe) PC


Albums | Credits


12.30 MUSIC ENGINE UNDERTALE CD Vol.2: Toriel MECD-002 Fan Arrange
12.03 Snowtopia MCOL-0172 Fan Arrange
10.20 UNDERTALE FAN SELECTION CD N/A Soundtrack, Arrange, Sound Effect
08.14 Music Box Classics: UNDERTALE MCOL-0128 Fan Arrange
05.26 Still Echoes - UNDERVEIL THE FUTURE UNSP-1003 Fan Arrange, Vocal
05.05 The Best Video Game Music Volume Two N/A Arrange
05.?? Annoying Dog Shrine 8BIT-8081-7 Soundtrack
05.?? This album is a reprint UNDERTALE Vinyl Soundtrack (Japan Edition) 8BIT-8081 Soundtrack
04.29 UNDERTALE Marimba Collections N/A Fan Arrange
04.15 Stage One N/A Fan Arrange
03.17 UNDERTALE × JAGMO -The Sound of Determination- N/A Fan Arrange
03.12 Todos Juegan​!​!​! N/A Fan Arrange
03.11 Violin Playing Game Vol. 4 N/A Fan Arrange
03.11 Café VGM N/A Fan Arrange
03.09 UNDERTALE Piano Collections 2 MCOL-0085 Arrange
03.?? UNDERTALE: Determination 3xLP Vinyl Soundtrack 8BIT-8082 Fan Arrange
02.01 MEGALOVANIA N/A Fan Arrange


12.29 ChipTuToPiA3 MLMD-0010 Fan Arrange
11.26 ASGORE N/A Fan Arrange
11.25 Stay Determined (From "Undertale") N/A Arrange, Remix
10.10 Prescription for Sleep: Fight for Your Dreams SMRC-1021 Fan Arrange
10.05 SPIRIT MPCH-004 Fan Arrange
09.20 Timeline 00013 Fan Arrange
09.20 This album is a reprint Timeline MCOL-0058 Fan Arrange
09.15 UNDERTALE: Strings of Determination (Complete Edition) MCOL-0037 Fan Arrange
08.11 ChipTuToPiA2 MLMD-0009 Fan Arrange
08.?? Undertale On Piano 8BIT-8068 Fan Arrange
07.07 UNDERVEIL THE EXTRA UNSP-1000 Fan Arrange
07.02 Banjo Guy Ollie - Volume 5 N/A Fan Arrange
07.01 Undertale N/A Fan Arrange
04.30 Entangled (Tribute Undertale) N/A Fan Arrange
04.27 Undertale & Chill TNYWVS-003 Fan Arrange
03.31 UNDERVEIL THE SEQUEL UNSP-1002 Fan Arrange
03.?? Undertale Soundtrack N/A Soundtrack
02.24 UNDERTALE Piano Collections MCOL-0024 Arrange
01.12 Determination: The Purple Side N/A Fan Arrange


12.29 UNTALED demo version N/A Fan Arrange
12.23 YIN / YANG: A OneShot Concept Album MCOL-0018 Fan Arrange
12.14 Home: An Undertale Piano EP N/A Fan Arrange
12.?? Dogsong 8BIT-8048-7 Soundtrack
12.?? Undertale Vinyl Soundtrack 8BIT-8048 Soundtrack
11.18 The Lesser Dogs OCRX-0005 Fan Arrange
11.04 Song Cycle: The History of Video Games MCOL-0011 Fan Arrange, Vocal
11.04 Song Cycle: The History of Video Games (Karaoke Accompaniment) MCOL-0012 Fan Arrange
11.04 Undertale Piano Collection N/A Fan Arrange
10.14 Moonlight and Memories N/A Fan Arrange
10.04 CONSOUL N/A Fan Arrange
10.03 Stritch's Brew N/A Fan Arrange
10.01 Determination: The Purple Side N/A Fan Arrange
09.23 VG Metal Covers Vol. 8 N/A Fan Arrange
09.21 Undertale: Strings of Determination Vol. 3 N/A Fan Arrange
09.15 FALLEN: An Undertale Tribute MCOL-0009 Fan Arrange
09.15 UNDERVEIL UNSP-1001 Fan Arrange
09.15 ToasterTale - An Undertale Remix Album N/A Fan Arrange
09.15 Hopes & Dreams: An Undertale Remix EP N/A Fan Arrange
09.13 Undertones N/A Fan Arrange
09.08 Year 4 N/A Fan Arrange
08.26 The Great Tale of the Little Ones N/A Fan Arrange
08.19 MULTIPLAYER III: WAVE MPCH-003 Fan Arrange
08.08 Undertale for Orchestra: Stay Orchestrated! N/A Fan Arrange
07.28 Straight from the Underground TNYWVS-001 Fan Arrange
07.06 Undertale: Strings of Determination Vol. 2 N/A Fan Arrange
07.01 Gallery N/A Fan Arrange
06.18 Hopes & Dreams: An Undertale Remix Album N/A Fan Arrange
05.30 Spring Break DJ Set OCRX-0003 Fan Arrange
05.16 Undertale: Seven Souls N/A Fan Arrange
04.30 PIANOVANIA: Selections from Undertale N/A Fan Arrange
04.20 Banjo Guy Ollie - Volume 4 N/A Fan Arrange
04.08 Beyond the Ruins N/A Fan Arrange
03.04 Undertale Remixed N/A Fan Remix
02.22 Undertale - Fragments of a Heart N/A Fan Arrange
02.15 sans. N/A Fan Arrange
02.06 Live at Grillby's N/A Fan Arrange
01.17 Undertale Kazoo'd! N/A Fan Arrange
01.10 UNDERTALE: The Underground Radio N/A Fan Arrange
01.05 A Symphonic Metal Tribute To Undertale N/A Fan Arrange


12.21 Determination N/A Fan Arrange
12.15 Undertale: Strings of Determination Vol. 1 N/A Fan Arrange
12.11 Undertale Remixes N/A Fan Arrange
12.01 Undertale Symphonic Metal N/A Fan Arrange
10.30 Pianotale: Undertale Piano Arrangements N/A Fan Arrange
08.13 UNDERTALE Soundtrack N/A Soundtrack


05.21 Undertale Demo OST N/A Soundtrack, Prototype

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