Violet Evergarden

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11.24 THE 5th KYOTO ANIMATION THANKS EVENT: KYOANI MUSIC FESTIVAL -Kandou wo Mirai e- Blu-ray KYOG-202151 Arrangement, Vocal, Live Event
08.24 QUIET PRAYER / Masumi Ito HTCP-00003 Arrangement
05.11 Minori Chihara the Last Live 2021 ~Re:Contact~ LABX-8551~2 Vocal, Live Event, Video
03.30 Though Seasons Change ~Violet Evergarden Piano Memories~ LACA-9879~80 Arrangement
03.16 CLUB Lantis presents Remix the Future LACA-15939 Remix, Vocal
03.?? VIOLET EVERGARDEN - Special Vinyl - OCP-01-VE Soundtrack, Vocal
01.19 VIOLET EVERGARDEN Orchestra Concert 2021 PCXE-51016 Arrangement, Vocal, Live Event, Video


08.25 Kotoba Asobi / TRUE LACA-15886 Vocal
08.25 Kotoba Asobi / TRUE [Limited Edition] LACA-35886 Vocal, Live Event
08.25 Sincerely (Reincarnation mix) / TRUE LAPP-1130 Remix, Vocal


11.18 BLUE ROSE knows / MindaRyn LACM-24065 Arrangement, Vocal
10.21 Letters and Doll ~Looking back on the memories of Violet Evergarden~ LACA-15829 Vocal
03.25 Leading role / Aira Yuuki LACA-15817 Vocal
02.05 SANCTUARY II ~Minori Chihara Best Album~ / Minori Chihara LACA-9739~40 Vocal


12.18 REVIVES II -Lia Sings beautiful anime songs- LIAM-1002 Arrangement, Vocal
10.27 Memorial Box For Kyoani CRPH-0003 Fan Arrangement


09.26 SPIRAL / Minori Chihara LACA-15747 Vocal
09.26 SPIRAL / Minori Chihara [Limited Edition] LACA-35747 Vocal
04.25 Lonely Queen's Liberation Party / TRUE [Limited Edition] LACA-35723 Vocal
04.25 Lonely Queen's Liberation Party / TRUE LACA-15723 Vocal
03.28 VIOLET EVERGARDEN : Automemories LACA-9573~4 Soundtrack, Vocal
03.28 Violet Evergarden VOCAL ALBUM Song letters LACA-15703 Vocal
01.31 Sincerely / TRUE [Artist Edition] LACM-14711 Vocal, OP/ED/Insert
01.31 Sincerely / TRUE [Anime Edition] LACM-14712 Vocal, OP/ED/Insert
01.31 Michishirube / Minori Chihara [Anime Edition] LACM-14714 Vocal, OP/ED/Insert
01.31 Michishirube / Minori Chihara [Artist Edition] LACM-14713 Vocal, OP/ED/Insert


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