Touhou Hyouibana ~ Antinomy of Common Flowers.

東方憑依華 〜 Antinomy of Common Flowers.
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Release Date
December 29, 2017
Twilight Frontier / Team Shanghai Alice



03.22 Genen Project ~ Gensokyo wo Irodoru Kamigami to Hotoke no Sekai HARI-013~14A Fan Arrange


12.31 Sorane BEST 2019 Skysound DWCD-0054 Fan Arrange, Vocal
12.31 RAVER'S NEST 11 TOHO RAVE PARTY DWCD-0053 Fan Arrange, Vocal
12.31 DiGiWi ADVANCE DWCD-0052 Fan Arrange, Vocal
12.31 RAVER'S NEST 11 TOHO RAVE PARTY Instrumental DWEX-0050 Fan Arrange
08.12 Shining Destiny the Instrumental AMRC-0057 Fan Arrange
08.12 Starter Deck DRCD-0052 Fan Arrange, Vocal
05.05 Zero e Tabidateru no nara YHST-0116 Fan Arrange, Vocal
05.05 Shining Destiny AMRC-0056 Fan Arrange, Vocal
05.05 TOHO DANCE ANTHEM Vol.3 DWCD-0047 Fan Arrange, Vocal
05.02 Gensouon Hatoji Vol.2 N/A Fan Arrange


12.30 DiGiWi SUNLiGHT DWCD-0043 Fan Arrange, Vocal
12.07 Gensou Gayuuei N/A Fan Arrange
10.14 Light Night Beat 8 HLCD-0053 Fan Arrange, Vocal
08.10 Kaikyou Utsuritsu DECD-0013 Fan Arrange
08.10 Tamayura Saita Haigo no Towa YHST-0096 Fan Arrange, Vocal
08.10 BILLIONAIRES' LAW CK-0057P Fan Arrange, Vocal
05.06 MONEY MONEY DRCD-0036 Fan Arrange, Vocal
05.06 Kanzen Hyoui Discography ~ Touhou Hyouibana ORIGINAL SOUND TRACK TFM-009 Soundtrack

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