The Last of Us Part II

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2020-06-19 The Last of Us Part II / / U.S. Sony PlayStation 4


    Composer / Gustavo Santaolalla, Mac Quayle
    Performer / Brain, Gustavo Santaolalla, Mac Quayle, Chris Rodinella
    Recording Engineer / Anibal Kerpel, Kellogg Boynton
    Mixing Engineer / Anibal Kerpel, Justin Lieberman
    Programmer / Scott Bergstrom, Ted Kocher


    Music by Gustavo Santaolalla

    Additional Music by Mac Quayle

    Senior Director of Music: Chuck Doud
    Director of Music: Keith Leary
    Score Produced by Gustavo Santaolalla, Anibal Kerpel, Scott Hanau
    Score Mixed and Edited by Anibal Kerpel, Justin Lieberman
    Music Editing and Integration: Rob Goodson, Scott Shoemaker
    Music Editing: Anthony Caruso, Tyler Crowder, Tao-Ping Chen, Sonia Coronado, Adam Kallibjian, Samuel Marshall, James Zolyak
    Score Recorded by Anibal Kerpel
    Virtual Instrument Programming by Scott Bergstrom, Ted Kocher
    Production Coordinator for Visual Music: Lucía Peraza
    Drums and Percussion Performed by Brain, Gustavo Santaolalla, Mac Quayle
    Drums and Percussion Recorded at PlayStation® Studios, San Mateo, CA by Anibal Kerpel
    Additional Guitar Performed by Chris Rodinella
    Additional Guitar Recorded at PlayStation® Studios, Playa Vista, CA by Kellogg Boynton
    Vocal Coach: Melissa Reese
    Senior Music Engineering Manager: Marc Senasac
    Head of Creative Music Affairs: Alex Hackford
    Senior Music Affairs Manager: Jason Swan
    Music Affairs Specialist: Justin Fields
    Senior Music Department Coordinator: Vanessa Zamora
    Project Manager: Angelica Advincula
    Music Department Assistant: Kerry Ryan
    Assistant to Gustavo Santaolalla: Juan Cruz Luqui
    Assistant to Mac Quayle: Natalia Perez, Gina Kouyoumdjian
    Music QA: Matthew Kelly



    11.?? Child album THE LAST OF US PART II: COVERS AND RARITIES N/A Soundtrack, Vocal
    09.27 The Last of Us Part II: Covers and Rarities G010004466454R Soundtrack, Vocal
    02.26 Child album The Last of Us Part II 19439823091 Soundtrack


    12.?? Child album The Last Of Us Part II - Original Video Game Soundtrack MOND-193 Soundtrack
    10.16 The Best Video Game Music Volume Six N/A Arrangement
    07.24 Child album The Last of Us Part II Original Soundtrack 19439793102 Soundtrack
    06.19 The Last of Us Part II G010004403906L Soundtrack
    06.19 The Last of Us Part II Music from the Original Soundtrack IPYT20190901 Soundtrack, Vocal
    06.19 The Last of Us Part II Digital Soundtrack N/A Soundtrack, Vocal


    09.26 The Last of Us (Cycles) (From "The Last of Us Part II") N/A Soundtrack
    07.?? Music From The Last Of Us Part II MOND-136 Soundtrack, Vocal


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