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Release Date
October 31, 2018
Toby Fox / /
Toby Fox / /


Music / Toby Fox*
Sound Effects / Toby Fox*

Song Credits

Music / Toby Fox*
Lyrics / Toby Fox*
Piano Arranged by / Laura Shigihara
Vocals Performed by / Laura Shigihara


DELTARUNE Chapter 1 by Toby Fox

"Don't Forget (Vocal Excerpt)"
Piano Arranged & Vocals Performed by Laura Shigihara



06.?? Child album DELTATUNES N/A Arrangement


11.22 A Cyber's World? (from "Deltarune Chapter 2") [Synthwave Reboot] N/A Arrangement
11.19 Child album DELTATUNES N/A Arrangement
11.05 DELTATUNES FIRE-0012 Arrangement
10.27 Until Next Time (from "Deltarune Chapter 2") N/A Arrangement, Vocal
10.02 BIG SHOT N/A Fan Arrangement
10.01 Living in the Dark, Until Next Time (from "Deltarune: Chapter 2") [All the Feels Version] N/A Arrangement, Vocal
09.27 Girl Next Door N/A Fan Arrangement
09.23 Berdly (From "Deltarune Chapter 2") (A Cappella Version) N/A Arrangement, Vocal
09.17 DELTARUNE Chapter 2 OST N/A Soundtrack
05.07 Coffee Break N/A Fan Arrangement
02.14 X N/A Fan Arrangement


11.21 Undertale LIVE MCOL-0291 Arrangement
11.13 Anointed Merit: Prelude N/A Fan Arrangement
07.28 Music Box Classics: DELTARUNE Volume 2 MCOL-0290 Fan Arrangement
06.19 Cry of the Planet N/A Fan Arrangement
01.01 Glacia: VG Covers Vol. 4 N/A Fan Arrangement


10.14 Brasslevania: A Tribute to the Video Game Macabre N/A Fan Arrangement
09.24 Year 7 N/A Fan Arrangement, Vocal
09.13 Field of Hopes and Strings MCOL-0234 Fan Arrangement
08.?? Child album Deltarune Chapter 1 Soundtrack N/A Soundtrack
07.?? Child album Deltarune Chapter 1 Soundtrack FG17 Soundtrack
04.12 BGO Season 7 N/A Fan Arrangement
04.04 D3 Covers Album Vol. 5 N/A Fan Arrangement
02.25 The Great Tale of the Little Ones Vol. 2 N/A Fan Arrangement, Vocal
02.14 Deltarune Chapter 1: On Piano N/A Fan Arrangement
02.04 The Empress N/A Fan Arrangement
01.23 VGM Acapella: Volume X N/A Fan Arrangement


12.30 ChipTuToPiA5 MLMD-0012 Fan Arrangement
12.11 Lullaby for Lancer MCOL-0182 Fan Arrangement
12.09 MY TRIBUTE - 8BIT ARRANGE VOL.1 MFRE-003 Fan Arrangement
11.25 Deltarune: Chapter 1, Pt. 2 N/A Fan Arrangement
11.21 Deltarune Remixes N/A Fan Arrangement
11.21 deltarune remix album N/A Fan Arrangement
11.18 pianorune: deltarune piano arrangements N/A Fan Arrangement
11.13 Deltarune: On Piano N/A Fan Arrangement
11.10 Music Box Classics: DELTARUNE MCOL-0173 Fan Arrangement
11.07 Deltarune: Chapter 1 on Piano N/A Fan Arrangement
11.01 DELTARUNE Chapter 1 OST N/A Soundtrack


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