Marvel's Spider-Man

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2018-09-07 Marvel's Spider-Man / / U.S. Sony PlayStation 4


    Composer / John Paesano
    Arranger / Jonathan Livesay, Nolan Livesay, Braden Kimball, Adam Hochstatter, Tim Davies
    Recording Engineer / Alan Meyerson, Nick Wollage, Nick Spezia
    Assistant Engineer / Alex Ferguson
    Mixing Engineer / Anthony Caruso, Justin Lieberman, Tyler Crowder
    Conductor / Gavin Greenaway, Ben Parry, David Shipps


    Score Composed by John Paesano

    Score Produced by Scott Hanau, Jonathan Mayer, Keith Leary
    Music Production Manager: Joel Yarger
    Music Editing and Integration: Rob Goodson
    Music Editing: Andrew Buresh, Ernest Johnson, Ted Kocher, Tao-Ping Chen, Scott Bergstrom, Chris Rossetti

    Score Recorded at:
    - AIR Studios, London, United Kingdom
    - Ocean Way Studios, Nashville, Tennessee, United States
    - Angel Studios, London, United Kingdom
    Score Recorded by Alan Meyerson, Nick Wollage, Nick Spezia
    Supervising Mix Engineer: Alan Meyerson
    Score Mixed by Anthony Caruso, Justin Lieberman, Tyler Crowder
    Assistant Engineer: Alex Ferguson
    Pro Tools Engineers: Chris Barrett, Kevin Globerman, Jasper LeMaster
    Technical Score Advisors: Anthony Loomis, Hayley Rosenthal

    Additional Arrangement: Jonathan Livesay, Nolan Livesay, Braden Kimball, Adam Hochstatter
    Lead Orchestrator: Tim Davies
    Orchestrators: Jeremy Levy, Jordan Seigel, Sarah Lutz, Ryan Humphrey, Bobby Brader, David Krystal
    Music Preparation: Mark Cally
    Music Librarians: Jill Streater, Sammy Sanfilippo

    London Session Orchestra Conducted by Gavin Greenaway
    London Voices Conducted by Ben Parry
    Nashville Session Orchestra Conducted by David Shipps
    Orchestra and London Voices Contractor: Isobel Griffiths
    Assistant Contractor: Lucy Whalley
    Nashville Scoring Orchestra Contractor: Alan Umstead of Nashville Music Scoring

    Senior Director of Music: Chuck Doud
    Audio Director: Paul Mudra
    Music Supervisor: Scott Hanau
    Music Manager: Marc Senasac
    Senior A&R Manager: Alex Hackford
    Sr. Manager, Music Affairs: Jason Swan
    Music Affairs Specialist: Justin Fields
    Senior Coordinator, Music Affairs: Vanessa Zamora
    Project Manager: Angelica Garde-Advincula
    Music Department Assistant: Kerry Ryan



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