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05.28 Dear Dreamer, / VAZZY N/A Vocal
05.28 Dear Dreamer, / ROCK DOWN N/A Vocal
01.29 "VAZZROCK" COLOR Series [-GREEN-]: Get the green light TKPR-191 Vocal, Drama
01.29 12-nin Shuugou Mini Drama CD N/A Drama


12.25 "VAZZROCK" COLOR Series [-YELLOW-]: Yellow belly TKPR-190 Vocal, Drama
11.20 ROCK DOWN vol.2 -The adventure begins here.- TKPR-193 Vocal, Drama
11.07 "2P lockout" Remix TKPR-1023 Remix
10.30 "VAZZROCK" COLOR Series [-RED-]: Paint the town red TKPR-189 Vocal, Drama
09.25 VAZZY vol.2 -The adventure begins here.- TKPR-192 Vocal, Drama
08.28 "VAZZROCK" COLOR SERIES [-BLUE-]: Once in a blue moon TKPR-188 Vocal, Drama
07.31 "VAZZROCK" play of volor series 4: Strong taste TKPR-113 Vocal, Drama
07.31 VAZZRAJI (Otokotachi no Shuchou Hen) TKPR-1016 Drama
06.26 "VAZZROCK" play of volor series 3: Itsuka no Hanashi wo Kimi to Shiyou TKPR-112 Vocal, Drama
05.29 "VAZZROCK" bi-color series 2nd season 12: GAKU OGURO -hematite×amethyst- TKPR-187 Vocal, Drama
05.29 VAZZRAJI ~Katte ni Ranking Hen 2~ TKPR-1022 Drama
04.24 "VAZZROCK" bi-color series 2nd season 11: YUMA SHIRASE -peridot×hematite- TKPR-186 Vocal, Drama
03.27 "VAZZROCK" bi-color series 2nd season 10: RUKA NADUMI -morganite×peridot- TKPR-185 Vocal, Drama
02.28 "VAZZROCK" bi-color series 2nd season 9: NAOSUKE OYAMA -citrine×morganite- TKPR-184 Vocal, Drama
01.31 "VAZZROCK" bi-color series 2nd season 8: AYUMU TACHIBANA -aquamarine×citrine- TKPR-183 Vocal, Drama


12.20 "VAZZROCK" bi-color series 2nd season 7: FUTABA KIDUKU -topaz×aquamarine- TKPR-182 Vocal, Drama
11.29 "VAZZROCK" bi-color series 2nd season 6: REIJI AMAHA -emerald×topaz- TKPR-181 Vocal, Drama
11.29 VAZZRAJI ~Katte ni Ranking Hen 1~ TKPR-1021 Drama
10.18 "VAZZROCK" bi-color series 2nd season 5: ISSA KIDUKU -ruby×emerald- TKPR-180 Vocal, Drama
09.27 "VAZZROCK" bi-color series 2nd season 4: HARUTO KUJIKAWA -sapphire×ruby- TKPR-179 Vocal, Drama
08.30 "VAZZROCK" bi-color series 2nd season 3: OUKA KIRA -pearl×sapphire- TKPR-178 Vocal, Drama
07.26 "VAZZROCK" bi-color series 2nd season 2: SHOU ONODA -diamond×pearl- TKPR-177 Vocal, Drama
06.28 "VAZZROCK" bi-color series 2nd season 1: TAKAAKI MAMIYA -amethyst×diamond- TKPR-176 Vocal, Drama
05.31 "VAZZROCK" play of volor series 2: be lived forwards. TKPR-111 Vocal, Drama
02.08 Natsu no Hoshizora no Monogatari -Starry sky collection- TKPR-151 Drama
01.25 "VAZZROCK" bi-color series 12: RUKA NADUMI -morganite- TKPR-109 Vocal, Drama
01.25 VAZZRAJI ROCK DOWN Edition TKPR-1015 Drama


12.28 "VAZZROCK" bi-color series 11: Gaku Oguro -hematite- TKPR-108 Vocal, Drama
11.30 "VAZZROCK" bi-color series 10: AYUMU TACHIBANA -aquamarine- TKPR-107 Vocal, Drama
10.26 "VAZZROCK" bi-color series 9: REIJI AMAHA -sapphire- TKPR-106 Vocal, Drama
10.26 "VAZZROCK" play of volor series 1: Chiisana Shin Member Arawaru! TKPR-110 Vocal, Drama
09.28 "VAZZROCK" bi-color series 8: HARUTO KUJIKAWA -sapphire- TKPR-105 Vocal, Drama
08.31 "VAZZROCK" bi-color series 7: SHOU ONODA -diamond- TKPR-104 Vocal, Drama
08.17 ROCK DOWN vol.1 -Shidou- TKPR-115 Vocal, Drama
07.27 "VAZZROCK" bi-color series 6: YUMA SHIRASE -peridot- TKPR-103 Vocal, Drama
07.27 VAZZRAJI VAZZY Edition TKPR-1010 Drama
06.29 "VAZZROCK" bi-color series 5: NAOSUKE OYAMA -citrine- TKPR-102 Vocal, Drama
05.25 "VAZZROCK" bi-color series 4: ISSA KIDUKU -ruby- TKPR-101 Vocal, Drama
04.27 "VAZZROCK" bi-color series 3: FUTABA KIDUKU -topaz- TKPR-100 Vocal, Drama
04.27 VAZZY vol.1 -Shidou- TKPR-114 Vocal, Drama
03.30 "VAZZROCK" bi-color series 2: OUKA KIRA -pearl- TKPR-099 Vocal, Drama
02.23 "VAZZROCK" bi-color series 1: TAKAAKI MAMIYA -amethyst- TKPR-098 Vocal, Drama


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