James Bond 007: Nightfire

007: Nightfire
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Release Date
November 19, 2002
Eurocom / / ( PS2, GameCube, Xbox), Gearbox Software / / ( PC), JV Games / / ( GBA)
Electronic Arts / /


James Bond Theme by / Monty Norman
Audio Programming / Andrew Hutchings
Audio Lead / Neil Baldwin, Jennifer Lewis
Music / Steve Duckworth
Sound Effects / Olo, Adam Boyd
Driving Composition / Jeff Tymoschuk
Driving Music Mixing / Francois "KoiHZ" Lafleur
Sound Engineering / SPG Studios
Additional Sound Design / Scott Gershin, Soundelux DMG

Song Credits

Performed by / Esthero
Written by / Esthero, Paul Alexander Campbell, Henry Priestman


"James Bond Theme"
Written by Monty Norman
© 1962 Renewed 1990 UNITED ARTISTS LTD.
All Rights Controlled and Administered by EMI UNART CATALOG, INC.

Audio Programming: Andrew Hutchings
Audio Lead: Neil Baldwin
Music: Steve Duckworth

=Electronic Arts=
Audio Lead: Jennifer Lewis
Sound Effects: Olo, Adam Boyd
Driving Composition: Jeff Tymoschuk
Driving Music Mixing: Francois "KoiHZ" Lafleur

Sound Engineering Provided by SPG Studios
Additional Sound Design: Scott Gershin & Soundelux DMG

"Nearly Civilized"
Performed by Esthero
Written by Esthero, Paul Alexander Campbell and Henry Priestman
© 2002 EMI April Music (Canada) Ltd./Stinyminky Music (SOCAN)/EMI Blackwood Music Inc./Broughton Park Music.
Recording courtesy of Reprise Records Under license from Warner Special Products


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