Tomoyo After ~It's a Wonderful Life~

(Game Release)
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This release is musically equivalent to this release.


"Light colors" - Opening Theme
Performer: Lia
Composer: Shinji Orito
Arranger: Kazuya Takase
Lyricist: Jun Maeda

"Life is like a Melody" - Ending Theme
Performer: Lia
Composer: Jun Maeda
Arranger: Magome Togoshi
Lyricist: Jun Maeda



11.25 Lia 20th BEST LIAM-1003~4 Arrangement, Remix, Vocal
08.28 Symphony Sounds Record 2020 ~from 2005 to 2019~ SSCD-006 Vocal


12.28 Key BEST SELECTION 1999-2019 KSLA-0163~4 Unclassified
12.28 Modification of Key Sounds Label VOL.2 KSLA-0165~7 Remix, Vocal
09.18 Key BOX -for two decades- KSLA-1001~50 Arrangement, Remix, Vocal
04.29 Key Best Song Remix -to the Future- AKCM-0001 Remix, Vocal


12.29 Dis-Love Song / Satsubatsu Kids KSLA-0160 Arrangement, Vocal
09.24 Key ORCHESTRA CONCERT 2018 AVRS-0002 Arrangement, Live Event
05.06 KSL Live World 2018 Pamphlet CD KSLC-0019~20 Remix, Vocal


04.08 Visual Art's: Haru wo Kuchizusamu Song Selection 2017 N/A Arrangement
03.29 KSL Live World 2016 ~the Animation Charlotte & Rewrite~ KSLM-0008 Vocal, Live Event


12.29 Modification of Key Sounds Label KSLA-0124~6 Remix, Vocal


08.17 Key've NOCT-0007 Fan Arrangement, Vocal


10.27 TomoKano! ~Tomoyo After & Kanon arrange soundtrack~ SSLA-0005 Fan Arrangement
02.09 3B -Bold Break Beat- IC-HC007 Fan Arrangement


12.31 Snowdrop BBR-04 Fan Arrangement
10.24 circle of fifth KSLA-0082~3 Vocal
08.11 Euphoric Tears SGNM-002 Fan Arrangement
07.29 Visual Art's 20th Anniversary Remixes KSLA-0085~6 Remix, Vocal
07.29 KEYNOTE -Key Sounds Remix Album- / Soshi Hosoi KSLA-0084 Remix, Vocal
04.25 IA/01 -BIRTH- MHCL-2054~5 Vocal
04.25 Child album IA/01 -BIRTH- [Limited Edition] MHCL-2050~3 Vocal


12.29 HoKey PoKey -Key Cover Song Collection- VQCD-0003 Fan Arrangement, Vocal
12.29 IA/00 QLCD-0023~4 Vocal
06.24 Key+Lia Best 2001-2010 KSLA-0071 Vocal
06.22 enigmaticLIA 4 -Anthemical Keyworlds- QLC-00001 Unclassified
06.22 enigmaticLIA 4 -Anthemnia L's core- QLC-00002 Unclassified


12.28 enigmaticLIA4 QLCD-0021~2 Unclassified
12.24 KSL Live World 2010 ~Way to the kud Wafter~ KSLA-0061~3 Vocal, Live Event
05.05 Air of Life CPCD-0010 Fan Arrangement


12.30 KeyRing Atrie vol.3 BSCD-004 Fan Arrangement, Vocal
08.15 compact RMT004 Fan Arrangement
05.05 Vivid Colors -KEY tribute album- MJCD-0010 Arrangement, Vocal
03.08 Touhou World Music Chronicle -No.2- LOLI-0010 Fan Arrangement
02.28 OTSU:Blasterhead KSLA-0048 Remix, Vocal
02.28 KEY 10th MEMORIAL FES Anniversary CD KSLC-0004~5 Arrangement


12.28 KSL Live World 2008 ~Way to the Little Busters! EX~ KSLA-0045~6 Vocal, Talk, Live Event
08.17 blue stripes BSCD-001 Fan Arrangement
08.16 Latchkey Lovers WHNO-1009 Fan Arrangement
06.01 雨音 ~THE MELODY OF RAIN~ KDCD-0002 Fan Arrangement
03.09 Merry Go Round ! AQSH-0019 Fan Arrangement


12.31 Snowstorm TRBL-0002 Fan Arrangement
12.31 TYPE-R 3rd -Side Key- RSCD-0007 Fan Arrangement
10.17 Lia*COLLECTION ALBUM Vol.2 Crystal Voice PCCA-90030 Arrangement, Remix, Vocal
10.17 Child album Lia*COLLECTION ALBUM Vol.2 Crystal Voice QLCD-0010~1 Arrangement, Remix, Vocal
09.19 Lia*COLLECTION ALBUM Vol.1 Diamond Days PCCA-90029 Unclassified
09.19 Child album Lia*COLLECTION ALBUM Vol.1 Diamond Days QLCD-0008~9 Unclassified
06.25 Key Sound Selections ~first edition only Demonstration Disk~ PSC-0001 Fan Arrangement
06.20 Child album Lia/LIA COLLECTION ALBUM Special Limited BOX QLCD-0007 Vocal
06.20 Lia/LIA COLLECTION ALBUM Special Limited BOX PCCA-90028 Vocal
06.10 TAM & PICO Collaboration CD - Early Works TAM3-0014 Fan Arrangement
04.27 Child album Tomoyo After Original SoundTrack KSLA-0020 Soundtrack


12.31 TAMs Lucky Bag TAM3-0008 Fan Arrangement
12.31 Claire XLPS-0009 Fan Arrangement, Vocal
08.27 What a Happiness!! AQSH-0009 Fan Arrangement
08.13 LE:mix -Limited Edition:mix- AETR-0005 Fan Arrangement
08.11 Dango Daikazoku (CLANNAD Arrange Album) SMA-01 Fan Arrangement
06.23 OTSU Club Music Compilation Vol. 1 KSLA-0023~4 Remix
06.11 COSMOS SPWG-0010 Fan Arrangement, Vocal
04.29 be with a practice! AAGA-0001 Fan Arrangement
04.02 AnarKEY→ ←QuantumLEAF AQSH-0005 Fan Arrangement
03.09 KEEPER OF METAL KEY AFTER SOH-0008 Fan Arrangement
01.09 Sand Beige SPWG-0008 Fan Arrangement


12.29 CLANNAD / Tomoyo After Piano Arrange Album "Piano no Mori" KSLA-0021 Arrangement
11.25 Tomoyo After Original SoundTrack KSLA-0020 Soundtrack
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