Prince of Persia: Warrior Within

(Game Release)
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Release Date
December 03, 2004
Release Type
Official Release
Nintendo GameCube
Ubisoft Montréal / / (Developer), Ubisoft / / (Publisher)
This release is musically equivalent to this release.


Music Composed by / Stuart Chatwood, Inon Zur
Recording Engineer / Stuart Chatwood, Samuel Girardin, Keith Arem, Ray Pyle
Produced by / Stuart Chatwood
Director of Sound Studio / Jérémi Valiquette
Drums Performed by / Jeff Burrows
Engineered by / Alf Anninbalini
Computer Editing / Kenny Luong
Sound Advisor / Simon Charles Pressey
Lead Engineer / Simon Charles Pressey, Olivier Germain
Second Engineers / Jocelyn Daoust
Sound Technician / Mathieu Rodier
Foley Recordist / Shaun-Nicholas Gallagher
Foley Artist / Tchae Measroch
Sound Editor / André Chaput
Sound FX Created by / La Majeure Studio, Bénédicte Ouimet
Music Conducted by / Inon Zur
Orchestra / The Hollywood Film Orchestra
Orchestration / Paul D. Taylor
Music Preparations / Paul D. Taylor
Mix / Dori Amarillio
Co-Producing / Dori Amarillio
Orchestra Contractor / Debbi Dats


Sound Studio
Director of Sound Studio: Jérémi Valiquette
Music Composed, Recorded, and Produced: Stuart Chatwood
Music By: Stuart Chatwood - Studio
Drums Performed By: Jeff Burrows
Engineered By: Alf Anninbalini
Computer Editing: Kenny Luong
Sound Technical & Artistic Advisor / Lead Engineer: Simon Charles Pressey
Lead Engineer: Olivier Germain
Second Engineers: Jocelyn Daoust
Sound Technician: Mathieu Rodier
Foley Recordist: Shaun-Nicholas Gallagher
Foley Artist: Tchae Measroch
Sound Editor: André Chaput
Sound FX Created By: La Majeure Studio, Bénédicte Ouimet
Recording Engineer: Samuel Girardin, Keith Arem

Cinematic Sound and Composition
Music Composed and Conducted: Inon Zur
Orchestra: The Hollywood Film Orchestra
Orchestration and Music Preparations: Paul D. Taylor
Mix and Co-Producing: Dori Amarillio
Orchestra Contractor: Debbi Dats
Recording Engineer: Ray Pyle


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