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Catalog Number   Album Title Release Date
ORF-128"Ashita no Joe 2" Shudaika Kizudarake no EikouAug 1980
TFJC-38304"newly" alternative tracksMay 20, 1994
00005#Breakforcist Original SoundtrackApr 2017
8BIT-8073140 Vinyl SoundtrackOct 2017
STF-00215 Selections From The Super Time Force Original Soundtrack2015
CW-70232 Dai Machinder no Gekitotsu!! Great Mazinger VS Getter Robo GJul 01, 1975
8BIT-80312064: Read Only Memories Vinyl SoundtrackOct 2017
N/A2Dark Original SoundtrackJul 17, 2017
DCN 29-DLP2K6 (The Tracks)Oct 04, 2005
28BLC-3049 This album is a child album3D HOT RALLYJul 25, 1988
TD-11537 COURSE NO PROLOGUE / Hitomi TohyamaMar 1987
CW-7127<Golden Special> TV Manga Uta to Ohanashi Action DeluxeApr 1977
17900A Night On Bare Mountain - Fantasia1941
AK-122Aa Yakyuukyou / Kusayakyu NewsApr 10, 1978
N/AAbsolver: Deluxe Double VinylJan 2018
D07C-1012Abunai Tight Rope / Yuka OhnishiMay 25, 1986
8BIT-8047Abzu Vinyl SoundtrackApr 2017
06SH-543Ace wo Nerae! Jul 1979
K22G-7024Ace wo Nerae! BGM CollectionMay 1981
K25G-7378 This album is a child albumAce wo Nerae! Complete Music CollectionJul 21, 1988
CAU118205627Act Like You Know2015
CW-7025Action Deluxe ● Miyo! Denki Ningen Kamen Rider StrongerAug 01, 1975
CW-7027Action Deluxe ● Tatakae! Yuusha RaideenAug 1975
CH-101Adieu Galaxy Express 999Jun 1981
SL9-2033-1-9Adventure Time Presents: The Music of OooOct 07, 2016
SL9-2033-1-9 This album is a child albumAdventure Time Presents: The Music of OooOct 06, 2016
N/AAgents Of MayhemAug 2017
WTP-17885Ai City/Dream girl / Yuki UedaJul 23, 1986
Source Category: Game, Animation, Publication, Audio Drama, Demo Scene, Other Works
Extra Classification: Enclosure/Promo, Doujin/Fanmade, Delayed/Cancelled, Bootleg

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