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Catalog Number   Album Title Release Date
17900A Night On Bare Mountain - Fantasia1941
K22G-7024Ace wo Nerae! BGM CollectionMay 1981
K25G-7378 This album is a child albumAce wo Nerae! Complete Music CollectionJul 21, 1988
SL9-2033-1-9Adventure Time Presents: The Music of OooOct 07, 2016
SL9-2033-1-9 This album is a child albumAdventure Time Presents: The Music of OooOct 06, 2016
K20G-7121Ai no Senshi Rainbowman BGM Shuu1983
C25G-0465Ai no Wakakusa Monogatari OngakuhenApr 21, 1987
MIL-1025 This album is a child albumAile de Honnêamise ROYAL SPACE FORCE Original SoundtrackMar 05, 1987
C25G-0425Aishoujo Pollyanna Story OngakuhenApr 21, 1986
JBX-28021 This album is a child albumAKIRA Original Motion Picture SoundtrackOct 10, 1988
MLN1-36804AKIRA Symphonic SuiteSep 29, 2017
LP 399 858-2 This album is a child albumAKIRA Symphonic SuiteSep 29, 2017
CX-7016Akuma to Himegimi Original SoundtrackMar 25, 1981
CX-7032Alps No Shoujo Heidi TV Original BGM CollectionAug 1981
25AGL-3026Amon Saga Soundtrack BanJul 25, 1986
K25G-7267Animation 'Justy' OngakushuuJul 25, 1985
ORF-5014Animation Eiga Kyojin no Hoshi Original Soundtrack1982
CX-7187Anime Sound Memorial Babel NiseiOct 21, 1984
CX-7188Anime Sound Memorial Getter RoboOct 21, 1984
CX-7190Anime Sound Memorial Haha wo Tazunete SanzenriNov 21, 1984
CX-7191Anime Sound Memorial Majokko Meg-chanNov 21, 1984
CX-7186Anime Sound Memorial Mazinger ZOct 21, 1984
K28G-7308Anime Video Kizuoibito OngakushuuJul 21, 1986
C25G-0453 This album is a child albumAnmitsu Hime OngakuhenDec 05, 1986
K28G-7376 This album is a child albumAppleseed Image AlbumMay 05, 1988
25AGL-3020 This album is a child albumArion Soundtrack -Seishun no Houkou-Mar 25, 1986
CQ-7011Arrivederci YamatoAug 01, 1978
ORF-5011Ashita no Joe 2 ORIGINAL SOUND TRACK1980
ORF-3001~2Ashita no Joe no Subete TV Eiga Shudaikahen / Original Soundtrack-hen1981
SKD(H)-2002Ashita no Joe Original Soundtrack-banDec 1978
Source Category: Game, Animation, Publication, Audio Drama, Demo Scene, Other Works
Extra Classification: Enclosure/Promo, Doujin/Fanmade, Delayed/Cancelled, Bootleg

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