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Catalog Number   Album Title Release Date
EOX-LPPX3Planet X3 Original SoundtrackJun 2019
JenkaLP12Returner Original SoundtrackJun 21, 2019
OZ-001The Wind OdysseyJun 2019
SSR-004Super Mario WorldJan 2019
N/AShinobiMar 01, 2019
N/ACeleste B-SidesJul 2019
SQEX-10719~20FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE and FINAL FANTASY VII Vinyl [Limited Edition]Jan 31, 2020
LAG004Shadow Of The Beast2019
DATA-CD This album is a child albumSonic CDSep 2019
DATA-CD This album is a child albumSonic CDSep 2019
DATA-CDSonic CD [Limited Edition]Sep 2019
N/APersona 3 Dancing In Moonlight / Persona 5 Dancing In Starlight2018
N/ASunshine / Shadow2019
RG001Road Rash I & IIFeb 2019
RG002WWF Super Wrestlemania, Royal Rumble & RawApr 2019
8BIT-8059Hitman: The Critical Collection2019
BSR033 This album is a child albumBlood & Truth (Original Soundtrack)Aug 2019
N/A This album is a child albumGhost GiantMar 2019
561 612-1Pacman1999
N/A This album is a child albumFRACT OSCAug 2019
N/ACross Symphonic - A Symphonic Tribute To 'Chrono Cross'Apr 2020
FVS-SAKRECSakura, Moyu. -as the Night's, Reincarnation- Record of songs Shi no KiokuJun 15, 2019
N/ADark Pictures: Man Of Medan VinylAug 30, 2019
WAYO-V001Skies of Arcadia Eternal Soundtrack2019
N/ADesert Child Thee SoundtrackJul 2019
N/AJupiter & MarsSep 2019
N/AA Plague Tale: Innocence (Original Soundtrack)2019
BOPSB001Diablo - The Apocryphon Of TristramFeb 09, 2019
N/ABattle Garegga Collector's EditionJul 2019
Source Category: Game, Animation, Publication, Audio Drama, Demo Scene, Event, Other Works
Extra Classification: Enclosure/Promo, Doujin/Fanmade, Delayed/Cancelled, Bootleg

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